Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Today we decided to go to the beaches along the outer Western edge of San Diego and then on North to La Jolla....  There are several beach jurisdictions along that distance...

Mission Beach, and the channel causeway...

We drove right up to La Jolla past the Sea World peninsula and Mission Bay...  Stopped for some gas in Pacific Beach at a station that had $4.19 a gallon...  From Gas Buddy, I knew this was a favorable price....  We have seen $4.59 in places...

We always enjoy the beaches up in La Jolla...  We pull in along the beach parking and just sit there and enjoy the view...  The wind coming off of the ocean was quite cool to cold even though the sun was blinding...

Still the younger folks had shorts and t shirts as they rode their skate boards along the beach walks... As older folks, we had the windows almost closed...  How does that work...?

We wandered up thru the University of California's San Diego campus and the Torrey Pines area, before coming back rather quickly on the I 5... We stopped somewhere along that road for an In and Out burger...

In the late afternoon we were wandering around Mission Beach and then the Sunset Cliffs area North of the Navy Base and Point Loma....

Lifeguard station at the South end of Mission Beach

When we decided to get back to the RV, we passed the South side of the San Deigo Airport...  I found this interesting as we drove right past the old old barracks that were the Naval Training Facility from World War II and also during Viet Nam...  Some of my sailor buddies and I spent several nights there while we were stationed up in the Oxnard area back in the 60s...

All of the windows are broken or gone now, and the buildings are beyond repair....  I understand that the buildings are beyond any use, but wonder why they are still even there... Perhaps the Navy doesn't want to use any money on removing them....

We were back here in the park about 5:30...  But it seems much later with the sun beyond the big cliff to our West and the time change that we are not used to....

Retired Rod


  1. Wow Rod, all the miles you've traveled to get some sun and warm weather....At least there's no snow!!
    Take care,

  2. Isn't it funny how those old Navy wooden H style barracks served them so well from from WW2 until Viet Nam into the 70's. I stayed in one in NAS Lakehurst in between detachemnts in HC-2.IN about 1970 They built a new modern barracks of glass and concrete and let the base use our old one for fire practice.It burned down so fast they didn't get much practice.Maybe that's why they had the fire watches. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  3. Sounded like another great day in San Diego. Enjoyed the beach shots you shared. When my son was in the Marines he was stationed at MCAS Miramar and he would take us to the Point Loma submarine base, it was beautiful just watching all the ships coming and going past the point into San Diego Harbor.

  4. What, no Wendy's?? I guess In-N-Out is a good substitute for a burger fix. I don't believe we've been north of San Diego to the beaches in our travels. Thanks for the tip, I'll have to remember that the next time I'm looking for something to do while Paulette's busy at Garage Sales.

    By the way, Paulette says to tell Joyce that the Country Loft Quilt store in La Mesa(15 minutes from Coronado) is a great one.

  5. I like San Diego, but the traffic......

    Oxnard.....where I was born! It was under 10,000 then, now 200,000. Where did all those people come from?

  6. Love all the pictures-esp of The Del-my favorite place in the world! Enjoy the pictures of the beaches-strange to see no people! Sun sets in La Hoya-the best! Fish Market across from Del Coronado-is wonderful-and reasonable. Are you going to go to SD Zoo-and see the baby pandas? Some awesome Mexican restaurants too!

  7. On the news this morning (ABC National) they showed a picture of the perfect weather in San Diego and I thought about you guys. Glad you're having such a great time.

  8. WEve been in SD a month now at Mission bay RV...its a little packed in but its on the bay and lots of paths to walk us and the dog. Checked out Bernardos RV in Imperial beach earlier and its nice also but no walking paths. Both are cheaper than your KOA. Check out the Midway and the maritime museum on the waterfront.

  9. Ever been to Hodads for a hamburger in Ocean Beach? Best burger you will ever have. Becki


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