Sunday, February 17, 2013

Spots!!! Off with those darned Spotts!!!

I've had some questions about using The Solution on the bike....  Most of us know of The Solution from its use in the RV world.... And it is fine stuff....  And would work well for the bike too...

But when my son Chris and I were buying cars at the KC auctions we ran into what most of the dealers use on their cars just before they went thru the sales lanes....  It's a Meguiar's Product... called Quick Detailer...

They advertise mist and wipe....  This seems to have a little more carnuba wax in it than the solution... And when you shine it out it gleams nicely...

So that is what I am using to remove the water spots....  Cheaper??  Na, its $10 for a quart spray bottle, so they all know what each other are charging.......

Retired Rod


  1. butterbean carpenterFebruary 17, 2013 at 2:47 PM

    Howdy Rod,
    Gotta keep the Honda spic & span, shiny & slick!!!
    I once 'tried-out' a 600 Kakawakasaki bike that was for sale.. The owner had waxed & polished it to 'like new' AND ARMORALLED THE SEAT!!! The clutch took hold at about 1/8 inch of let out and I had a good hold of the throttle; IT BLASTED-OFF WIDE-OPEN AS I slid to the 'sissy-bar' and HUNG ON, going down the alley, behind his house!!!!
    DON'T EVER ARMORALL YOUR SEAT!!!! It's slicker than snake-snot!!
    Hope you get lots of riding weather, soon!!!

  2. Our water in Arizona is terrible, Meguiars works great!

  3. I bought a similar Meguiar's wax called Ultimate but it sounds pretty much the same - it worked well on our 5'er too. I've been trying to guess what else is in The Solution besides water - I was glad to hear you say you think it's Carnuba wax.


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