Saturday, February 2, 2013

Warm, carwash and Killing Lincoln

It must have been a mistake today as we officially made it to 70 degrees at the local airport...  But while I was out and about on the bike this afternoon I saw 74 on the dashboard..

This bike is different, as you have to push the button marked info in order to have it tell the temperature..  Then it reverts back to the time and radio display...  The radio was a fad and at first I had it running on Country music, but lately it has run in the off position...

My excitement for the morning was to go to the full service car wash and get the "works"....  Three guys hovered over the clean up after it went thru the machine...   And they gave me $.30 off on a fillup  of gas per gallon... But the wash was $19.95...  Still it beats me spending a couple of hours on it at home...

That's about all I did, except buy O'Reilly's book, Killing Lincoln, which has captivated me since I got home from the bike ride..  I have previously read, April 1865, so the material isn't new, but the telling of the story is new and different and fresh...  The Civil War was especially brutal.. Its worth a few hours of your time...

Retired Rod


  1. Hey Rod...Maybe I'm missing something??? Did you take the bike through the carwash?...Or was it the car???
    I went for a haircut today and the owner decided to leave and put me in good hands with her favorite back-up.....One sideburn is 2" higher than the other when I got home and looked in the mirror....Shoot "I" can do better than that...

  2. As much as I can't imagine me ever reading a book written by Bill O'Reilly I do like history so when I run out of reading material I just might take a look. Maybe I'll be able to download a copy from our library so I won't end up contributing much money to that wacko!!

  3. All of the profit from Bill O'Reilly's books are donated to charity. Don't allow Liberal Bias to keep you from some very interesting history.
    It isn't always about politics.

  4. Sure was a beautiful day to be out yesterday, glad you enjoyed it!

  5. Throwing out words like "liberal bias" brings on the politics. Anything with Bill O'Reilly's name on it would be a turn off. Wacko is a good name for him. The "charity" that gets the profits is probably on a list of right wing/and or tea party favorites!

  6. Trust me, both of the books (Killing Lincoln and Killing Kennedy) are excellent and I learned a lot about history that was never in the history school books. Great reads both and hard to put down.
    Don in Okla.


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