Friday, February 15, 2013

My Two Foot Tall Valentine...!

The picture was taken with the cell phone, and has a big white spot from the crummy LED flash on the phone...  But its good enough to see what a two foot tall card looks like.......  Loyce thought it kinda looked like Biscuit... I was surprised!

Loyce left it in my chair when I went out tonight to go buy some replacement bushes over at the Home Depot...  I had stopped in on my afternoon cruising with the motor cycle...  They are beginning to put out the outside plants in the parking lot...  Annuals that are not tolerant of the cold...  What do they know about the weather that the rest of us don't...

Perhaps they just have enough money that it doesn't matter how many plants get killed by a frost...  Anyway I purchased 5 bushes and brought them home..  They are in the garage for tonight, but it is to be warm over this weekend...  There were lots of customers in the garden department this afternoon...  We were in the high 60s and it seemed warm...

I was biking all around the community and ended up over at my insurance agent's office mid afternoon...  We have a broken windshield on the car from going home to Kansas in the snow storm..  They have a preferred shop and helped me make arrangements...

My agent is a motorcycle rider, and we spent some of the time out in the parking lot looking at the Honda...  He's barely 40, so I'm not sure how much he actually like my grandpa ride....  But of course he said he liked it and it was his idea to go out and look at it..

I spent the afternoon riding on the bike so not much to report...  Other than the big grin on my face when it is warm enough to ride at will without protective clothing...

For a brief moment I pulled over and took a picture of the computer Odometer on the bike, as it reached the 1000 mile mark..  That seemed like kind of a milestone for just buzzing around town here for 6 weeks..
But the ride seems more and more like it is my bike and not something new and different that I have to get used to...

It will be interesting to get back on the black scooter that is in the garage in KC...  I'm sure it will seem small and light... To put the 1000 miles in perspective, the Suzuki only has about 9000 miles on it in the last three years.....  The Suzuki will be going to the Lake place, and I'm not sure what will happen to the Red Kymco....  It barely has 2500 miles on it..

Retired Rod


  1. Love your card. That is so cute. Jim got to go fishing.

  2. That's a great Valentine's card - it does look like Biscuit even with the black spots!

    I think you are going to have to open up a motorcycle shop with all those bikes you have.

  3. Howdy rod,
    He's in the insurance business and knows grandpas ride BIG BIKES not knee-draggers; at least he wanted to SEE it!!! I like the Valentine card too, also; it does look a little like her!!! Leathers aren't only good for keeping you warm they also prevent ' road-rash', young bud; and it WILL happen!!! Keep your legs on opposite sides & your mind in the middle; just like bull-riding!!!! I applaud your buying the flowers at Target and not China East!!

    1. I always wear ripstop 600 denier mesh pants and jackets when riding.... Your right, it will happen... But atleast we can be somewhat prepared for it...


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