Monday, February 11, 2013

Sunday without Football....?

Another cold day that didn't make 60 degrees no matter what we did....  It doesn't matter too much to Loyce because she works in her sewing room and seems content..

But for me, I can only stand it so long...  I looked up the data usage for our computers and phones and found that we are over half of our allotment in only 12 days....  If it stays cold like this we will be calling Verizon and buying additional gigs for sure..

So even though it was only 55 outside I dressed in all the riding clothes and the full face helmet and went on the bike..........   It wasn't too bad until I decided to go back to the West....  And about then it went overcast..  I about went right home....  

But I stuck it out and rode about 30 miles, mostly in town as it was cold once you reached 50 mph...  I think I saw 59 on the thermometer for a little while but as soon as it began to fall again I was back home in a flash...

Back at that internet wasting those gigabytes again....    Maybe I need to watch TV more....  but no they have those watch shows on there and that costs me if I weaken...  Which I haven't done for  quite a while....

It is supposed to remain cool for the next several days, which seems to dampen our excitement, but we are not shoveling any snow and no one in Kansas got to ride their bike today if they are sane......

And we made it thru the day without football, but watching the golf tournament seemed an awfully lot slower...

Retired Rod


  1. Colder weather certainly does cut down on options for outdoor activities. It's gotta warm up soon, right?

  2. We did have some sun while at the picnic but it sure was cold in the shade. Just saw the weather for the rest of the week and if we can just hang in there until Thursday we're going to make it.

  3. It was a cold weekend for weekend will be perfect because we aren't planning to camp! :(

  4. Howdy Rod,
    Well, if the weather is all anyone is gonna talk about; WE HAD A LITTLE BIT OF RAIN!!! Just enough to keep me from mowing the weeds that are taking over the backyard,; anyone ever heard of HOREHOUND, that's bad stuff, IT GROWS ALL YEAR, sucks the moisture and kills the grass( we ain't had no grass in 2-3 years now)!!! I've read about horehound candy and Joyce wants to make some, but we don't know which part to use for the flavor...
    Riding in cold weather makes a man out of you!! I once rode/skated to the Richardson, TX ISD 'bus-barn' on 2" of ICE to take a basketball team to a Christmas season tournament, drove the bus to the school,NO ONE WAS THERE, returned the bus and rode/skated home, where I had a phone message that the TOURNAMENT WAS CANCELED, BECAUSE IF ICY CONDITIONS!!! No caca!!!!

    Hope you get to ride some more, BUT WATCH OUT FOR THE 4-WHEELERS, THOUGH!!!! ( read: RV Boondocking's blog, Brian's got an idea on motorcycling that's novel)

    1. There will never be any ice riding on two wheels in my future....

  5. You must download some big files if you are running that close on the gigabyte limit. That, or watching stuff like u-Tube. I normally use about 1/2 to 2/3 of my limit each month, but I try to stay away from the stuff that uses so many GB.

  6. looking at your weather sites, 35o Kansas..41o Mesa..there is something
    Up here in Eastern Wa. 27o now but 64o this afternoon with the sun just shining away.
    Think I'm going to dig my shorts out and my sunscreen..
    Your weather will get nice,I hope for all you folks down there.


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