Friday, May 3, 2013

May Snow?

It Snowed!!!  Yesterday afternoon it changed to snow about 3:30 PM..  Big flakes about the size of 50 cent pieces...  Hung on the trees and the lawn furniture..  Covered the grass almost immediately....   The street and driveways were too warm though and melted the snow as it fell...

It was about 33 outside so the snow kept coming...  until 10 PM....   Cold and dreary...  Yuck!!

This morning as it has warmed up, the snow seems to be melting and running, but it has remained overcast and dreary....  By noon here it was almost 40 degrees, so perhaps we will get this system behind us, but it is stalled out and moving away ever so slowly..

Things here are stalled out just like the weather..  Internet browsing and TV, that's about all that is left to do...    I would have taken a few pictures, but it was so dreary, I just want to put it behind us....

Retired Rod


  1. Cheer up down there in Kansas, it could be worse...........that weather could be up here.

  2. Dreary is always depressing. Hang in there - the sunshine is coming.

  3. All I can say, Rod, is - "double yuk"!!


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