Friday, May 10, 2013

Medical day again.

Today was onc of those darned old Doctor days..........  Get up at the first light of dawn and get cleaned up instantly like you were going to work....  Only now I go to get worked on......!

No breakfast, as that might screw up the scenic photos....  Not even coffee.....!  But hey when you get there they mix up two twenty ounce bottles of propel along with their dye stuff......  A mixture of wall board chalk and rock salt...  

Next you get to sit around for an hour while it all soaks in!!   Oh, and don't forget the IV that is in your arm... Which is convenient every so often when they want to drain a few more liters of blood....

Next its up to the Surgeon's office and sit around in a 6 X 8 foot room while they have a party studying the color picture ensemble......   But our outcome was good.........  I'm Clean!!

Tonight we were over at my older son's home moving a refrigerator...  But that seemed easy in contrast to having folks poke holes in you..

Retired Rod


  1. Way to go Rod, after losing my little brother I have a definite aversion to anything related to the C word. Thank God you should stay with us for quite a few years. Your friends Sam & Donna..

  2. Love great news like that!!!! We'll have to party when you guys get back next fall.

  3. Great news Rod - happy to hear it. Nothing like a tune-up now and then to put you on the road for another 100,000 miles.

  4. I'm glad to hear your good news, and hope you have a great summer.


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