Thursday, May 2, 2013

Where's the Fire...?

The Jet stream has taken a Southern swing down to the pan handle of Texas and brought with it cold Canadian rocky mountain air...   As it is making its turn to return back up over lake Superior, it is picking up copious amounts of moisture laden air..

This has caused a stationery front from Oklahoma to Wisconsin...  As I report this, it is 38 degrees here in Overland Park, Kansas...  The rain and wind are causing a most miserable day...  It is forecast to turn to snow over night...

About the only thing happening here is Biscuit had to go to the dog shop for a hair cut this morning..  She was scared to go, and hid under the blankets on the bed upstairs...

She was somewhat matted from being in Arizona and rolling in the dust, so she had a really short puppy style cut...   That should do her for the first half of the summer, if it ever warms up.......!!

Otherwise, it is just a day to sit by the fire.......

Retired Rod


  1. Tell Bisquit, Sadie just got her's done and it wasn't bad plus they give you a pretty bow and a treat when their done.It's sunny and in the 70's here at the Ranch today, but supposed to rain over nit with a high in the 50's tomorrow and stay that way for a couple days. Won't be out much for a couple days. Sam & Donna....

  2. Sure, get all Bisquit's fur cut off when it's so cold outside. She may never come out from under those covers. We have WIND here today. And in the low 90's.

  3. Gee, I hope you got heated handgrips on your Gold Wing!

  4. Hey, don't blame that weather on us we are finally getting warm enough to melt the igloo's up here on the Northern Ranges.

  5. That cold air must have come down from Alberta because it sure didn't come from us here in B.C. - it's nice and warm here. Wow, that is cold for early May - 38!!


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