Saturday, May 11, 2013

Off, to the lake cabin............

We are down at the lake tonight..  And today we were mostly packing up and loading the car trying to get on the road.   Seemed like we were taking forever,  but we haven't been on the road since the end of March....

Some of the road was the same as the roads we were just over on the motorcycle last Tuesday, so even that wasn't very new and enticing...  And as we got into the third hour of travel it began to rain....  Just enough to change the road into a dirt bath....

Tonight we went back to our favorite Bar Be Cue joint Bandana's,  since we hadn't been there for over six months....  As usual, it was quite good..  They smoke the meat for much longer than traditional places, which makes it so tender..

This will be our opening weekend with the kids and grand kids for this season, but we were somewhat disillusioned with the temperatures as it is only in the high 50s tonight.........  Not going to go jump in the lake at that rate.....  Swimming might just be on hold for a while..

We hope your mother's day holiday is starting off with a bang as well, no matter where you are this weekend....

Retired Rod


  1. Happy Mother's Day to Loyce - I'm sure she'll really enjoy having all the family around for the weekend. I know Biscuit will!!

  2. Have a wonderful (and hopefully warmer) week-end at the lake. Happy Mother's Day, Loyce.

  3. My weekend started off with a bang all right. Had to get off of the road after only 60 miles because of the miserable wind!

  4. You will enjoy the weekend with family no matter what the weather.


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