Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Fast Trip

One of the drawbacks to having real estate, pets, farm animals, and children, is they all need to be tended to. Ya, I know, I'll catch a bunch of flack for that statement.

So with those items in mind, yesterday it was the lake cabin that needed attention. As a rule, I try to be there once every month. Just to see what has changed. The month was up, so I went there.

If you drive and don't stop, it will take three hours. I go down the farm to market roads here in Missouri. Avoiding towns of any size, as they really slow you down.

When I arrived, the neighbor had his truck and a car dolly parked in front of our house. We share a common driveway so this is fairly normal. But in front of his drive was a large U-Haul truck pulling his flat bed trailer. They were packing. I knew that he was working in Denver, Co. and she was still at the lake.

Now we have chased away our neighbors on both sides here in KC, and now at the lake as well. Maybe we are,.... hard to live next too. Ha Ha!

All the things that are completed as you live in a house, just by living there were done in the next hour. Flush all the toilets to fill the bowls, run all the sinks to fill the traps.

If all the water evaporates from the traps, the sewer smell gets into the whole house and does not go away for days.

Air all the floating boat lifts, including the neighbors. Shut off the water and the water heater. Empty the mailbox.
So all is well at the lake. So I drove back to KC. Back to the snow cover here. There was no snow in Lake Ozark. It seamed a lot warmer there.

We are packing to get out of here by the first of the year. To go South toward Texas. To a warmer climate. We hope to spend most or all of January away from KC. After that we will watch the weather to see when we come back.

The start of another adventure!

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