Thursday, December 20, 2007

Here we go again!

4:30 AM No heat again! I told the furnace man fuses don't just blow without a reason, when he was here on the 12th of Dec.

5:30 AM Still no heat so I get up and mess with the furnace. I see a fuse blow right before my very eyes. I get it to heat one cycle on gas. Never does cycle to the heat pump.

8:15 AM Call for another service call. The gal says "maybe" today!

10:00 AM I go buy more fuses.

11:00 AM It runs on gas for one cycle, and stops abruptly! No sign of the service guy.

12:30 PM Service guy is here! And spends some time cheking i t out!
1:30 He runs for parts.

2:30 He returns! This time he replaces the 220 Volt contactor in the outside unit. Its the black thing in the middle on the bottom.
3:00 It costs another $192.

Ouch and I didn't pay for the part (Warranty) or the service charge, because I paid one just last week, and they didn't get it fixed. Otherwise it would be $440.

They say it is going to snow Saturday, and it wouldn't do to be without the heat, so what are you going to do?

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