Thursday, December 13, 2007

We arrive at Blogger

Why yes we are new at BLOGGER!

Like Sargent Shultz "I know noothing"

I have decided to move here from Yahoo, because it seems to be feature rich and easier to understand. For a fellow that types with only one hand, sitting in the easy chair. I liked the look of the old blog better, but then maybe I will do something custom here, once I get it all figured out.

So welcome aboard, and we'll learn together. You have to have a gmail account in order to sign up for this, but it is totally free. I generally give out my yahoo or google mail accounts to folks I know will bombard me with ads.

I copied several of the latest blogs over from Yahoo so you won't have to go find them. It doesn't seem so empty with a few posts that are from previous days.

So lets have some fun with a new blog!

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