Saturday, December 15, 2007

Learning More

Last night the Johnson county Radio Amateur Club had their Christmas Party at the Christian Church fellowship hall in Overland Park. This was exactly the same social party that the club in Des Moines has. There was no business at all, as a motion to table all business was made, when the meeting was called to order.

There were at least 20 plates of food and goodies. Pig out! Sort of hard on the waist line, and of course I can't do anything with sugar. But I tasted it with my eyes! Actually sweets are so over powering, now that I have spent a long time away from them, that I just can't take much more than a little taste.

The meeting did not break up until after 10:00 PM. No one wanted to go home. There were even 8 or 10 wives. Nice to see the ladies as well.

The club's new web site is listed below. I went to this site and looked at field day pictures, and low and behold, there I was cutting carrots for the Indian stew. Scared to think I would be subject matter. But we did work in the kitchen for several hours.

Saturday Morning

I go to an MECC meeting this Morning. The explanation below is lifted from the NOAA web site.

Metropolitan Emergency Coordinating Council For Amateur Radio (MECC)

The MECC is made up of Amateur Radio Emergency Organizations such as ARES, RACES, and local and county Emergency Management Agencies. These groups provide emergency communications to local, state, and federal agencies, as well as private organizations like the American Red Cross and Salvation Army in Kansas City and surrounding areas.

The purpose of the MECC is to remove city, county, and state boundaries that often make communications more difficult (disasters don't acknowledge such boundaries). The MECC allows for organizations such as the National Weather Service and Skywarn to work with one organized body rather than several smaller groups, each with their own plan. The MECC provides a managing committee, technical expertise, and the manpower needed for Skywarn. Additionally, each local radio organization is represented on the committee. Through Skywarn, continuous communication is possible with the Pleasant Hill NWS office via a Packet Radio Network, and a team of well-trained operators are on call 365 days a year.

My attendance was truly a learning experience as I have no experience in any of these things. It remains a mystery how I might fit into any of these activities. If I hang around long enough, eventually I will know something that will be of help. Until then I'm mostly just a fly on the wall.

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