Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Prime Rib?

We came to the in laws home just in time to feast on a standing prime rib. Cut me off a big old piece. Complete with scalloped potato au gratin. Fresh baked rolls, and pie and ice cream.

Were in Des Moines for the Christmas celebration and will return back to KC in the morning.

Had a regifted grab bag. I didn't know what that was either, but you wrap up an item that you got before, and throw it in the grab bag. Something bad that you got last year, or yesterday if you are that bold. Then each person draws from the pile. Thats a hoot to see the awful gifts. Until you see something you bought a couple of years ago reappear.

There was some sideline swapping going on as well. Made some interesting fun out of otherwise mundane gift opening.

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  1. thats not fair Rod, (Prime rib) Frances never has anything like that. What this about a parrot


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