Wednesday, December 19, 2007

New Little Camera

This is an impulse buy but I am working hard to justify my Christmas present to me.

When you have a SLR that is digital and two big lenses, why on earth do you need another camera?

Because! Well the SLR is big, and this is so little. And you have to go and dig the big one out and make a big deal about it. And it looks more professional so folks just naturally shy away.

So just because! Like mom said when she was tired of the question, Why?

Anyway this is a Nikon cool Pix S51. I bought it at Best Buy because they were 30 dollars cheaper than Target and Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is out of them here in the three stores I looked at in KC. It takes a SD card so I got a 2 Gig card that is 60X speed. It still seems to take a bunch of time to write the picture. It is amazing that you mostly already know how to work it because the menu selections are just like the D-70. You can't do as much as the big camera but then, lets hope not for under 200 bucks.

Just the same old same old in KC today. Got up at the crack of 8:00. Spoiled about that. Had coffee and went to the store for some groceries. All the normal stuff.

The wife likes Jo-Ann fabrics. A lot! So she declared we were going to Jo-Ann's. In Independence, Mo. So off we went. Thats about 30 miles each way. They were holding a special Christmas gift for the Gkids that she had ordered.

Thirty miles does not seem too far but in our traffic here in KC, even on the freeways, it was all afternoon.

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