Friday, August 24, 2012

Biscuit is happier now..

Biscuit seems to not be mad at us anymore today, but she is still rubbing her ears on all the couches and carpeted floors...  I think they trim the hair out of her ear canals and that drives her crazy....

She seems to be hanging onto me quite tightly and sitting on my lap like I need to protect her....  Dogs!

As far as looking at the post hit counts, I use the dashboard editor to post these blogs and they have all those comment and hit count statistics right there for your consumption, where you can't miss it....  And today with a title, the hit count popped right back up to 130 which is fairly normal for the day....  But anytime I include a picture of Biscuit, the comments seem to increase....

So I need to remember that no one is interested in motor scooter rides and everyone likes the dog......  And be sure to put the dog's name in the title.....LOL

On the camera front, I did admit to Loyce that I had ordered yet another camera, and the response was just as I had surmised....  She felt that I was breaking them in order to get yet another new one....  Well, I hadn't thought of that, but perhaps when I need another new one.............!

But it did bother me enough that I went out on the net and found where I could order the display module.... $38 including shipping.....  From China......  where they seem to be made....  That might be a bit of a speculation on the old camera, but perhaps if I can get it fixed, I might have one or the other with me when I need one.  But when ordering camera parts from overseas, I would call that somewhat of a long shoooooooooooooot.

I haven't even started the motor bike since Tuesday, and it has been in the high 90s every afternoon, so we have been trapped inside next to the AC for the last couple of afternoons...

I guess I did go out and mow the lawn on the JD tractor last evening after the sun had dropped low in the Western sky.  It is still parchingly dry here, so the grass is mostly weeds and fescue, as the bluegrass has long since become dormant.  The temps were still in the 90s but without the sun beating down, it seemed much more tolerable..

So Biscuit sends her love to all the folks that were worried and concerned about her and her grumpy attitude...  She is out on a walk with Loyce as I type this tonight...

Retired Rod


  1. We want more pictures of Biscuit !!!!

  2. I prefer pictures of the scooter.

  3. How about just more pictures. I think the majority of us are animal lovers and when they aren't happy neither should their owner be happy. Just the way it should be.

  4. Pictures don't matter to me one way or the other because at least half of them don't show up on my screen anyway. I think a blogger should write what interests them or what they have been doing, thinking, etc., and not worry about readership. We all have a core audience who will read our blog, and the others may look at the title or not to decide whether to read. Personally, I like a mix of topics and would be unlikely to read a blog that is exclusively about pets or kids.


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