Wednesday, September 5, 2012


It could have been a good post about going to the romeo luncheon, had it not been so far away this week...  And we just came back from central Missouri too....  But the ride was to Warsaw on Truman Lake and almost 100 miles away from our house here.

I argued with myself about going..  Just too far to enjoy!!  But you will enjoy the ride so why not go...?    I had the tank full of fuel and the riding gear over the seat.....

But then way late in the night, I saw the weather forecast for high 90s and perhaps 100......  Do I really want to ride back to KC in high 90s for two hours after a big lunch....?  I'm fair complected, and a long ride like that in the hot wind burns me to a crisp....

So I never even stirred this morning...  On these hot days many folks hit the road at 7:30 and eat a late breakfast rather than lunch, so if I wasn't on the road early it would have been a done deal, and I managed to talk myself right out of it...

Now I did go out later in the afternoon about 4 PM thinking that most of the heat was behind us, but no it wasn't because as I buzzed thru the city streets, the gauge read 98 to 101 depending where I stopped....  And I managed to find a street that had construction with new asphalt going down.....   Wow....  Turned off at the very next intersection, even though it wasn't the right way home....

Then tonight I went back over to Wal Mart after a prescription that I had delivered earlier, and the humidity was about 90 percent.....  And it was still 90 degrees....  This can't last long, and I am sure in only a few weeks I will be writing about how cold it was riding on a luncheon, but for today it was just too much...

Tomorrow, I have some more of those tests at the hospital.... So I will have to get up earlier than I want to, and subject myself to being put under yet again....

Perhaps I will still know my name when I wake up, but then again maybe not....  I've lost count on how many times it has been....  But I do know that they told Loyce to drive me because I won't be able to drive home.....  What?  No motorcycle??  Not even in my dreams, she answered......  Is she on their side???

Retired Rod


  1. I don't blame you as 100 miles just seems a tad too far for lunch.

    Hope all goes well with your hospital visit tomorrow.

  2. Good luck with the tests this morning. We have some coming up for Jim and we want good news for both of you. It's actually almost cold here this morning. Have the heat on. But the days warm up into the 80's. So it's getting to be really nice here and we have to leave. Something wrong with that picture.

  3. Good luck to you Rod with your tests. Listen to Loyce she knows best. Can't wait to see the new place in Arizona

    Take Care

  4. Best of luck tomorrow. Being put under has never been one of my favourite things.


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