Friday, September 7, 2012

I did ride the scoot to the hospital after all....

Today my trip down to the hospital to leave some specimens was on the motor cycle....   And I wasn't drunk like the Doc said I would be yesterday either....

Its 22 miles each way so that becomes a longer ride but not like the luncheons with the Romeos..  But even so, it  was officially rather hot again..  97 in the afternoon, on my way back home....

I go thru the city streets which is slower than on the interstate, but the drivers are paying more attention, or perhaps are going slower paying about the same attention, but that makes me feel more reassured...  I don't mind highway speeds, but when the concentration of vehicles is bumper to bumper like it is in a big city and you are at highway speeds, that doesn't work as well with a bike...

That did take up a good portion of the day, along with the yard work we did this morning, and even my son Ben came over and helped with some of the trimming and blower work while I mowed the yard...  That was a nice touch because it was beginning to be rather hot even early in the morning....

Then of course we had to sit inside and catch up on all the things that have happened for the last week...  Seems we never run out of stuff to talk about....

So since this is a boring blog, I'll hang up for now and say have a good day...

Retired Rod


  1. Rod...I installed the MSE you suggested and it went without a hitch...Norton told me their service had expired...I may need your help in getting rid of them..
    Glad you had a good ride, it's a lot cooler here in North Central Washington, except for the new forest fires.
    Thanks, David

    1. David, I use REVO as an uninstaller.... It is free and finds a lot more of the entries that the package uninstallers leave behind...

      But some of these security packages have to uninstall themselves and have special programs to accomplish that task... Google "Norton Removal Tool" as there are several suggestions and downloads... even you tube videos that explain the subject better than I can... Rod

  2. It is really a interesting.Thank you for sharing your experience.
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  3. Somedays are just too hot to want to do anything. But you got to take a scoot ride and that is the most important thing.

  4. Never boring Rod. I always want to know what you guys are up to.

    Take Care

  5. We've been exceptionally lucky here with out weather, and my understanding it that there have been very few days "State side" (and I'll throw Canada in there too) when it's been anything less than either "hot" or "hot and humid". And let's not even talk about wildfires.
    Oh, and yes, it's hard to get much information out of my sister-in-law when it comes to her time spent in the camp. It wasn't exactly the way I would have wanted to spend my teenage years, that's for sure.

  6. Good call on the MSE removal, Rod. Revo-uninstaller is much more efficient than the normal Windows one. For Norton, I like to use the Norton Removal Tool as well just to make sure I get as much of that pesky Norton stuff off as possible.

    Sure like your new header photo!


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