Tuesday, September 11, 2012

GPS hunting

I got to thinking about riding that long lunch ride tomorrow, and looked at the weather which promises to be fairly good!  But I haven't purchased a GPS to go with me on the bike and I would like to have one if I get that far away..

So I looked at some on the internet and finally at Best Buy..  They had one for $128 but you had to order on line and then go get it at the store...  Why not just go to the store?

So I jumped on the scoot and went to.......Wendy's!  Just thru the drive thru, and brought the burger back home.  But also I went to the Best Buy...  And they had the GPS, a Garmin Nuvi 50LM.  But it was priced at $150..........

Heck the refurished ones were $89 online, but then you had some shipping..  But if I'm going on this ride, I need it now.   So I countered that their online store offered them at $128...  Really????  Yes and also the same at Wal Mart...

So the sales guy jumped on his store computer and found the add fairly quickly...  Then he went and asked the boss salesman, if he could price match. The answer was yes!  I don't think these GPS hand helds sell as well now with the smart phones doing the same function..

So the rest of the afternoon I was pushing its imaginary buttons trying to learn the menu system..    I say imaginary, because it really has no buttons other than the off and on on its side.  The unit is completely touch screen, and everything is controlled that way...

Remember I don't really like Loyce's Apple Ipad, because it is touch screen, but then I don't use a rotary phone any more either..  So its time to get with the program!

I went to go get some gas tonight, and it was in the early 70s, a little cool for the bike.. Better find a sweat shirt and some long pants, inspite of needing to toughen up some.......

Retired Rod


  1. Well of course you must wear long pants on a bike Rod. It will save your skin if you ever (god forbid) have to lay that thing on the ground. You have my approval for sure lol.

    Have a great trip

  2. I think I may be trading my summer uniform of shorts and a t-shirt for jeans and a sweatshirt soon too - even though I don't ride a bike!

    Good buy on the new GPS. Looks like the whole world is going to touchscreen - some things I like about it and other's I don't. Kind of hard to use a mouse on a scooter though isn't it?

  3. I tend to 'fight' and argue with our GPS...grrrr good luck figuring it out...we have one for when we are out 4 wheeling in the woods and one for the rig/car....maps were easier I think


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