Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall Saturdays

My Iowa Hawkeyes lost again today, which caused me to spend time watching and hoping.  That came to an abrupt halt on the last play of the game as our opponent kicked a final field goal to go ahead by two points without any clock remaining..  The Hawkeyes are really struggling this year......

So in order to forget about that bit of nastiness, I went out and took the scooter for a longer ride around the North end of Overland Park..   It was Saturday afternoon, and the traffic was fairly dense, so I tried to stay on the less traveled roads...   But here in KC we have a system of city streets that typically don't go all the way thru unless you are on the main roads that crisscross every mile..

Once back home, I watched the LSU vs Auburn game.  LSU pulled that one out by the scruff on their neck....  OK, now I will receive mail about how great LSU is and how beating Auburn is much tougher than it appears....  But Alabama can do it,  right?

Enough with football Saturday...   I enjoyed all the comments we got about my trip to the Driver License bureau yesterday....  And I do agree that at $40 it still isn't too bad a price for the service...  I was amazed at the menu pricing...  Especially when you had the photo being extra...  Does anyone not get a photo?  So why wouldn't it be included...?  And yes I know that it costs twice as much in Canada...

But Rick, I didn't know that seniors got so much of a break ($17) once they got to be 65...   Gee free health care and almost a giveaway price on their DL....  Na, its too cold to move up there........ Why does everyone come down to Arizona...... otherwise..?

I see on the desk thermometer that it is 48 outside tonight and we haven't made midnight yet..  It is definitely into fall now...  They were selling heaters on Shop NBC a few minutes ago.......  ick!

I just looked and it is still 86 in Mesa, with a high tomorrow of 97....  Pack it up I'm ready....  But Loyce says no, we have to stay for something.......  But I can't remember what...   Oh, Doctors appointments.

Retired Rod


  1. Come on back to AZ, we are getting the weather ready for you!

  2. Iowa sure finds terrible ways to throw a winnable game away - geesh!

    Us old guys are treated pretty well up here in the Great White North. Not only is a DL only $17 for 5 years, we get to ride absolutely free on BC Ferries from Monday thru Friday. There are a lot of other perks for getting old too.

    Still, we can't match the winter sun and warm temperatures of Arizona and southern California so we leave our little socialist(??) paradise to sit in the sunshine and ponder questions like "if we are supposedly taxed so much, how can so many of us afford to take such long, beautiful vacations every winter?"


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