Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dinner up town!

We decided to go out to dinner with Chris and his family tonight, and Loyce chose the restaurant..... But I didn't object a bit!!

White Cheddar & Bacon Stuffed Filet* LongHorn Specialty

A tender 7 oz. Flo's Filet stuffed with aged white cheddar and hickory-smoked bacon, served over a savory brown herb sauce.   $19.99 

Then we came back to our house for Ice Cream and cookies.... Well the grandkids had the Ice Cream and Cookies, while we began to watch TV.... And what do we end up watching?? The cooking shows on the Create Channel....! 

And then the grilling shows after that... I was stuffed, but Chris said he was hungry all over again looking at the grilling...

I thought about taking the scooter out again today, but from looking at the weather forecast, we were to have 100% chance of rain at about 2 PM....  And along with that we were scheduled for a frontal passage with much cooler temps behind the front..

While it was raining, the temperature fell to 66 degrees and we had some heavy winds....  By then, I was glad that I had decided to stay put on the bike and just watch out the window..

Last month Loyce had purchased and hauled home some book shelves at the Ikea store in Phoenix...  Which I had calmly avoided like the black plague when they were unloaded in the garage...

But I noticed that they had made it into the dining room early this week..  And casually it was mentioned that they needed to be assembled...  "So when are you going to start" I countered?    Of course that went over like a lead balloon...

I did manage to put the first one together this afternoon before the rain started, but the second will be for another day.....

Tonight its barely 70 outside, and I had to go and find some long pants for the restaurant tonight....  Hope its not the end of short pants weather........

Retired Rod


  1. I bet it went over like a "lead balloon!"

  2. 70s and long pants. Come on Rod thats a beautiful summer day for us toughen up there buddy.

  3. 70's are normal around here and perfect shorts weather! That Longhorn steak sure looks good!


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