Saturday, September 29, 2012


Well...., it wasn't raining this morning, but.......!  It was cool and overcast again... and looked like it could rain at any moment....  So work around our garage is inside and out of the rain..  

Its fall again, and that means its time to change the oil in all of the engines around here..    And after surgery, last year I'm not certain which engines actually were changed out...  The smaller ones were skipped...

Some of this stuff just doesn't get used very much so I never know whether to stick to the once a year rule..  We only drove the collector SUV 1500 miles in the last two years, but I see that it has been that long since its oil was changed...  So I was working on that car today...  Its an 05 BMW X5..

And after lunch, I said to heck with the fact it might  rain and pushed the bike out of the garage...  I have to go to the dealership for a paper oil filter for the car...  I've never found the filter anywhere else... Surely its available at a import auto parts place, but I've never found one of those around here either...

So the decision was to just head out to the dealer and get it over with...  Its about 20 miles each way or more..  It was in the cool end of the 70s and riding the bike was chilly with just a t shirt and the mesh riding coat.  I kept thinking about my Canadian friends where that is a warm summer day.........

In about an hour or so I had the filter...  But I got side tracked at a local cycle clothes and helmet store on the way back home... Didn't buy anything but spent some time looking....  They had my Air Hawk cushion but wanted $180 and it wasn't even the right model...  They didn't have any tires, that would fit my scooter and that was what I was really interested in...  And all  of their tires were in the $200 range, and that is even more than my dealer wants for a tire..

Then the local Wendy's was calling my name..  Eventually I ended up in Wal Mart buying synthetic oil...  Man that stuff has gone up in price...  The 5 quart bottle of Castrol in the Titanium grade was $26.95.   And I needed two of them.

Eventually I ended back home in the garage, but never really got back on that oil change project either.. It was too cool to wash the bike and too overcast to trust it not raining anyway..

Maybe tomorrow....

Retired Rod


  1. We're almost next door in Coffeyville, KS working at as elves before Christmas! Having a chore day too.. laundry, fixing light in bathroom, replacing striping on the trailer and some organizing cleaning.

  2. Well, at least you got the hard part done - getting the oil and having enough money to pay for it. You're right about 70F being a nice summer day too!


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