Thursday, July 25, 2013

A day visit to Mackinac (Mackinaw) Island


We spent the day on Mackinac Island from the mid morning on…  The trip was on the Arnold Line which runs the catamaran hulls…  They run the winter service until the ice forces them to close, so they seem to be very experienced in this…

We purchased the boat trip and the carriage package together saving a few bucks….  We decided that it included the butter fly package for almost free…
There are so many pictures that I included them all in small format, and hope that you will get larger ones when they are clicked upon…  I don’t usually run live writer so that is uncertain for me however..

We rode from downtown up the big hill past the Grand Hotel and to the building where you change buggies for a bigger one..   That is where the butterfly building is located and the stables for the Grand Hotel…  I took a bunch of pictures in that barn as it is somewhat of a museum with the horse living quarters attached..

Once on the three horse buggy, we traveled out into the wooded areas of the island past the cemetery where famous people are buried.  Both politicians and some famous actors are there…  We ended up at the famous Arch looking over the sea….  But we only got to stay about 6 minutes…  We came back to the old fort, but that cost more money and I was tired at that point…

Once we were back in town, we had lunch at Mustang Lounge… A bar and grill establishment that is pictured in the last few shots…  It’s a yellow building…

Also I took a picture of the UPS delivery guy, who has to load his packages on a ferry and then rent a horse drawn flat bed wagon with a driver to deliver them… What can brown do for you?

After lunch we shopped at the T shirt shop, and stopped at a fudge factory….  The islanders call tourists Fudgies, since we all seem to purchase some to take home… We let them down, as we neither one can eat the stuff..

We were back in the campground around 5 PM as we had a very upset Biscuit doggy since we had been gone so long… She is never without one of us, and doesn’t understand being completely alone….

Retired Rod


  1. Gorgeous pictures and yes they do enlarge when you click on them. That would definitely be a wonderful tour to take. But too funny about the UPS guy. I guess you do what you have to do to make a delivery.

  2. There seems to be quite a few bloggers visiting the island this week. I'd pass on the fudge too.

  3. Great to see all the pictures, Rod. I'd have lived up to the Fudgie name for sure.


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