Monday, July 22, 2013

Some Pictures

Here is a picture of our rig in the campground where we were face to face with the campers next door...  I am standing right next to their stock trailer with living quarters...

I took this as we were ready to leave, and the folks in the other trailer had already left for the day...  They had rolled up their awning and patio rug...  They had a really big black lab, named Bob...  He was tied to the tree that I called the privacy tree...   He was driving poor Biscuit nuts because she knew he was out there...

This is the KOA in Petoskey...  All the streets are paved and the sites are concrete along with the patios.  We each have a picnic table here, but in the site from last  weekend, the fellow told us we had to share the table....  Have you ever shared a table with campers on the next site that you didn't know....?   They were really nice folks and went to the equestrian events for most of the day, so it wasn't a problem....  But...........

Its hard to take a picture of Lake Michigan....  Its like an ocean, that stretches until the earth goes over the horizon...  Nothing out there but just blue water....  But here in Petoskey, we are in the Little Traverse Bay, which is a notch in the coast line...  You can see the other side of the bay, and this is the breakwater that protects the marina which was behind me as I shot the picture...

The new header photo is a pano taken by holding the shutter down and panning the camera from left to right... You have to keep the same level and move slowly... The camera's computer then adds about ten shots together into one picture...

Otherwise the individual shots would look like these......

I do like the newest Panasonic point and shoot camera, but I have to go to school again every time I get it out and use it....

Retired Rod


  1. Neat camera you have there. You are correct in that the Great Lakes appear to be oceans. Hope you are staying cool up there.

  2. Nice pictures. I love to see where other people are parked!

  3. Pretty spot, hope you're enjoying your vacation!

  4. Now that is a great feature on your camera. What a great picture. Glad you're settled for a couple of days in a much nicer campground.

  5. Great header pic, Rod. That's strange about having to share a picnic table - what next.

    I'm always surprised, and annoyed, when I hear about people leaving their dogs tied up outside when they go away for the day. Don't they realize how many bad things could happen? Or, maybe they just don't care!

  6. Great pictures Rod! Thanks for posting! You are making me miss Michigan so much!!! I think the great campgrounds get booked up a year in advance in Michigan-since it has become such a tourist spot-thanks to Better and Homes Garden! I want to some day camp on a island off of Mackinac Island-or just hanging out at Sleeping Bear Dunes and their beaches-are ok with me too! Some beautiful picture taking on Mackinac Island!

  7. Now you can update your map to show you have been to Michigan. We had a family reunion at Long Lake, west of Traverse City, about 15 years ago. Rented a cabin on the lake and had a wonderful time.

  8. Hm. Sharing a picnic table. That's the first time I've heard of that one.
    Nice pictures.
    When I saw "Retired Rod" and "Pictures" in the next line, I think I got a little giddy!
    Poor doggie.
    Being left alone is bad enough (cats don't care, dogs not so much) but being tied up outside? I think I'd like to tie the owners up outside, and then maybe turn the hose on them.

  9. sharing a table......maybe if they shared their food too. They put away the awning, rolled up the rug, and left the dog out?????? I agree with Bob. Stupid people. The idea of tying the owners up and turning the hose on them is pretty funny too.

  10. Easy does it here folks, they never treated Bob badly, and I didn't mean to imply that they did... It's just that he was tied right in front of our door... They usually took Bob with them when they went to the horse show... and he was gone when I took the picture... We were just too close to each other as families.... You know to not know each other at all....


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