Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Moving North Tomorrow

Tomorrow we will move up the West shore line to Mackinaw City, which is about 35 miles from here in Petoskey...  We have reservations again in the KOA up there, which is no where near as nice as this place...

It is more wooded and has gravel and dirt roads....  But it had sites available for several days....  Once we get our visit out to the Mackinac Island completed, we will travel over the suspension bridge and into the UP.....  That would be the Upper Penninsula of Michigan...

Perhaps we will go towards Sault Ste Marie...  Again we have no reservations and know nothing about the area to look up how to get some reservations.....  There is a KOA on the Canada side, but it would be nice to get away from KOA as they are too expensive...

It was rather cool today and overcast... Temperatures never were above 65 and the wind off of the big lake is brutal if you are on the beach for very long...

It was a nice day to enjoy this nifty camp site....  

Retired Rod


  1. Hope you go thru Harbor Springs-has a beautiful harbor-and more cute shops for Loyce! Taking the Tunnel of Trees is wonderful-with a stop at The Inn-a log cabin restaurant, serves polish/American food-and high overlook of Lake Michigan-one of the high lights of my vacation!

  2. Rod--rvparkreviews.com--Mike and I use this website a lot when shopping for places to stay. Enjoy the cool!

  3. We stayed at the KOA in Sault Ste. Marie and it is indeed expensive, nice spot though, lots of flowers as I recall.

  4. I agree with Janna - rvparkreviews.com - that's all we use when we're in an area we know nothing about. You have gone from the fire to the icebox. Whatever happened to the 70's and 80's.

  5. Sounds like you don't have to worry about your A/C perhaps malfunctioning up there with those cold winds blowing in off big "Gitche Gumee".

    Hope Loyce finds a few Quilt Shops up in that area!

  6. Stay in the Soo at Aunne Osborn campground. It is city run with water and electric for about $30. Has wifi and you can watch the ships go right past the campground. We go there twice a year. Eat a burger at Clydes, then over to West Pier on the west side of town and eat it at the picnic table next to the locks. Then have some whitefish at Lockview and finish with a breakfast at Franks. We don't pack very much food when we go up there.

  7. The mariners museum in the soo is a great tour..The casino there has camping. I was up there in the 60's while in the Coast Guard. Woulda stayed if there had been any work. There's a little "honor system" CG just S. of Mackinaw City, we were there about 5 years ago. We too use Parkreviews.com for camp research. You'll love the U.P., especially the West side. Luv ur blog!!


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