Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cool day and no travel

After several days of traveling, we were glad to just sit... Even though we didn't have another camping spot to move too...  The weekenders had them all...

We learned that there was a horse jumping event in an arena around here and that that was what had things all gummed up...  Something next week too..  Film Festival..  What's that...  I didn't let on that I didin't know..

But we had a fast moving cold front go thru the area Friday night which blew heck out of the trees up around Macinac Island...  But since then it has almost been cold...  I was complaining that it was too hot and we barely made 73 today....  AC's are off..  Windows open...

Had to shut everything up tonight, as it was getting much too cool....  Tomorrow isn't scheduled to get much warmer....

So we celebrated the cool by finding a laundry...  Did it up right washing everything we had....  $3.75 for a hot wash...  $3.25 for a cool wash....  Never been charged by water temperature before....LOL

We spent some time sitting by the bay, and then drove North up the penninsula between the two bays....  Bought some cherries and some habanero cherry jam....   Hum, that stuff is to die for... But at $5 for about 4 ounces we will have to enjoy it sparingly...

Tomorrow we move about 70 miles north along the Michigan lake shore..  Ever closer to Macinaw City....

Retired Rod


  1. Buy some wine there before you move on!

  2. Too hot, too cold - where can we find some perfect weather? Heard you had 70 mph winds up your way. Be safe you guys.

  3. So jealous of your being in Michigan-cold weather and all! Did you have a pastie yet? It only gets more beautiful as you go north-and you will love all the little towns a long the lake-especially the marinas and little shops! Hope you go to Upper Michigan-Picture Rocks-so beautiful! I have lots of pictures of Michigan on my FB -if you need to refer to anything!

  4. Just returned from Manistique after a 10 day stay . My home town. Living in Peoria Il for 35 + years now. Still make the UP trip once a year. Stop a few days at Indian Lake Resort in Manistique. SO much to see and do. Hit the Big Springs for sure. We also did the Picture Rocks tour again this time. Wonderful !! Jensen Fish place sells fresh caught and smoked fish. The Elks Club in town has a wonderful fish fry on Friday open to public. Three Mile Super Club is a great place to eat....expect to wait tho. A wonderful boardwalk to the Light House. Yup and i winery that is doing well close to the boardwalk. Stock up on bug spray and enjoy !!


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