Friday, July 5, 2013

Not exactly as planned....

One of the fun things about having the lake cabin is that we never get here too often, so it remains fresh and fun....  And because we aren't here much, the lake equipment isn't used too very much....

But that can turn into a drawback just as quickly for the same reason, things   aren't used too often...   Loyce and Ben spent time cleaning the pontoon boat this morning and had it looking good too...

But when we turned the key, it just went click click tick tick buzz.............   We put a charger on the older battery and waited... ... ... .... .... ..... .....   It would crank a while and then die out, never catching...   Meanwhile the kids were moping around poking each other and looking bored...

There was a sticker on the old battery that said 04/09...  Four years ago??  This isn't going to charge up in the next two days....  Then it will be flat out in the middle of the lake if we turn it off for lunch or swimming or something..

Batteries are like putting gas in the tank, when they're gone the tank's empty..  But its the afternoon of the fourth of July...  Luckily the cables are held in with wing nuts, and the case is held down with a strap..

It took about an hour to find the open Auto Zone and trade batteries...  Once back, the engine started really hard..  I thought maybe the ignition module was gone too..  Eventually the motor started and we were on our way... Of course that was money I hadn't planned on spending....  Such is luck..

Tonight we were playing around making Juicy Lucy hamburgers on the grill...  You have probably seen that on the food channel where you take a slice of American cheese and fold it up four ways imbedding it between two quarter pounder beef patties....  The cheese turns all molten in the middle as you cook it...  and ozzes out when you bite into the sandwich..

We watched fireworks from our deck tonight as a fellow in the end of our cove puts on a nicely done display.......  Expensive too...  He buys those pre wired trays that have 10 or more shots that go off with one fuse...  I think he had about ten trays....

Hope you had a nice fourth at your home.........!

Retired Rod


  1. Four years for a battery that doesn't get exercised every day is probably near the end of its useful life, so that's no surprise.. Such is the way of batteries.
    I'm still annoyed that I didn't charge up the lithium battery that came with the whipper snipper and hedge trimmer that I bought in the Netherlands. Of course, we moved to Vienna and didn't need to use it, so it died, never to be revived. I still haven't gotten rid of it, but I'm just stubborn that way. Just more crap lying around.
    You were able to get out and enjoy some time on the water, so that's the main thing.

  2. Happy to hear you did finally get out on the water so the kids would quit poking each other. Just hate those unexpected expenses - my budget can't handle too many of them. The fire works around here went on until about 1:30 this morning so I'm tired.

  3. Juicy Lucy hamburgers? Never heard of them until now but I'm definitely going to give them a try, they sound terrific.

    Nothing like kids looking over your shoulder expecting miracles when they're waiting for something. Good thing you found a store open - money well spent, Rod!


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