Monday, July 22, 2013

Moving up the coast..

The rest of the campground story..  When we arrived in Traverse City, we traveled out into the country to the campground, where we found that we had reservations for a spot that didn't have water or sewer...  We were full of water and empty in the sewer tanks, so we had no where else to go, so we paid and stayed..

Well at least they had 50 amp electric.... or so it looked...  They had power poles that had 50 amp sockets, but they only measured 110 to the neutral and did not measure anything between the hot sides....  Meaning that they were not 220v pedistals..  So that put both of our ACs on the same circuit...  Brown out!!

So by killing one AC and the microwave, we were able to keep the lights on...  But there is more!!  This was a no tolernce alcohol park...  No open consumption of boose...  We seldom drink much, so this didn't bother us...  And then when we were parked, it was door to door with the next camper...  The power pedistals were common with two sites so everyother site was pull in and back in, so the back sides of each rig was next to the power..

Our camp mate had her awning out, so there wasn't room for ours...  But we couldn't put it out anyway becasue we had a tree directly in front of our door..  The steps almost touched the tree..  We called it the privacy tree, because it hid our door window from our neighbors...

And I walked over to check out the shower house, only to find large signs on each door saying Private!  Do not enter...  My mind didn't process this right away and I stood there in disbelief....  This caused the owner to come running out of his house wanting to know what I was looking at....

I mumbled something about used to be bathrooms, and he said people in 40 foot motorhomes didn't need bathrooms.....  Well alrighty then.........

He did soften and say he hadn't remodeled the showers because they were a pain to keep clean, but that there was a outhouse out along the road for the tenters..  It was good our tanks were  ready..

So tonight, we are paying big money for the KOA in Petoskey..  Where we emptied the sewers and re filled the fresh water tank..   With water pressure in abundance and 220v electric, we are back to being 50 amp pavement queens...  Its only 30 miles from here to Mackinaw City and we snagged three nights...

Our move was only 65 miles, so we left about 11:30 and arrived here before 1PM...  The ground was still wet where the last guy had rolled up his hoses..

It might have been 74 this afternoon, but it was mostly sunny..

Retired Rod


  1. Occasionally we do find the campground from hell. Thank goodness the majority of them aren't that bad. Now you have your 50 amp but the weather is cool enough you don't need your air. Enjoy your stay.

  2. That previous campground sounded pretty rough - I don't think we'd have lasted long there at all!!

  3. Did you ever post the name of that campground? It doesn't sound like somewhere we want to go. :)

  4. I sure hope you do a park review on that dump! We've pulled into a few CG's like that too. Thank goodness for parkreviews, even though ya gotta read between the lines, it's very useful. Outside of Holidays we only reserve for 1 day. Got tired of argueing about a refund when the park is a pit.
    We hope the rest of your trip is pleasant. Our summer travels here in the midwest have been wonderful. Enjoy your blog daily. Charlie of "RollingEarthquake.blogspot".


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