Monday, December 2, 2013

Back again....

Pausing a few moments to gather my wits and inner strength....  Why? Because in about 15 minutes I have to jump in the truck and head off to that dreaded office up on University Drive..........

The DENTIST!!!  Capital letters means screaming doesn't it....?

Today they have to install that crown that they took the mold of from my now long defunct original molar...  I have one of those plastic caps over the little part they leave behind....  Sore is an understatement....

Anyway I will again have a fat lip and a bad attitude when I get home, and Biscuit is sitting right on top of the keyboard as I type wondering what's so wrong with dad.....

Retired Rod


  1. Good luck Rod! Gordon had a tooth pulled last week to escape the root canals and crowns.

    1. Good for Gordon! Crowns and root canals are just money makers, and they are bad for your health. They can never clean out all the fissures in the root, best to get rid of the tooth completely.
      Happy Trails, Penny

  2. I think I'd rather eat glass than go to the dentist, but I need to schedule a visit soon. Dang, everything comes up at once! Good luck with your dental work. I don't remember any problem with installing crowns, although everything that precedes it is painful.

  3. I hate dentists. But all my teeth seem to be falling apart. Some days I think we should just go ahead and pull them and get the dentures and get it over with. What a pain.

  4. OK, I'm going to feel sorry for Biscuit in this story!! :)) Really, hope you heal quickly.

  5. I had a new crown last January. I hope your experience today was like mine. Not really a problem. Maybe Biscuit got a surprise and you came home with a smile on your face and a happy voice for her? Hope so.

  6. I don't understand the problem with going to the dentist. I have had three impacted wisdom teeth removed and three bad teeth pulled over the years all with zero pain. If your trip to the dentist results in pain, the wrong drugs are being used. Find a new dentist.


  7. Gah, a visit to the dentist's office has never been one of my favourite things. And our dentist is the nicest chap you'd ever want to meet. Doesn't matter.
    Good luck.


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