Thursday, December 5, 2013

Rainy Day in Arizona



The sun was going down and illuminated the face of the mountains for a moment….  These clouds had this mountain obscured all day…


And just like that the sun was gone….


The sun under the clouds…




The bougainvillea are blooming like crazy here in Arizona this fall…  It has rained several times in the last couple of weeks and the natural rain causes them to be prolific…





Spinning around and taking a picture in the golden light of nightfall….


I was over at the storage lot where I drained the water from the motorhome’s water heater and the Ice maker..  The last time I was there, I opened the low point drains on the 50 gallon water tank and the water system.  So the largest amount of water is now gone…


The internal water lines inside of the coach still contain some water….  It will take a complete and solid freeze for all day long to break those lines….  We did get a freeze like that last year here in Arizona, and I went to the rig that day, and it still wasn’t below freezing inside…  But I wouldn’t like to chance that..


There is some chance that I might end up going to Quartzsite in January, so perhaps I might be out and about when it gets cold like that…  But last year I got freaked out and winterized with the pink stuff… So stay tuned, if it gets that cold again this year….


Retired Rod


  1. Wait. It freezes here? I thought if I put up with the hot summer I'd get a nice, warm winter out of it. sigh. I've been telling people to bring their swim suits when they visit me in January. Can you tell this is my first year in Phoenix? :)

  2. Rod you can get away without the pink stuff by simply opening the low point drains and then opening all the water faucets inside the rig. That will put more air into the system and allow the water to drain more thoroughly. Once it is completely drained and the caps replaced the remaining moisture should not cause you any problems. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Beautiful photos today Rod--wish we were there, minus 15 this morning!!

  4. Great pictures. Where did you find all that grass? I loved your last paragraph - you're going to Q. How about Yuma when we head down that way? You know you can travel with us. Or meet us there or whatever. We're going to Yuma first - need dental work - and then up to Q and then back down to Yuma.

  5. Our plan is to be in Q by the middle of January. If you make it then, we will be sure to look you up.

  6. Hey Rod…now that you are settled back in AZ, don't hesitate to fire up your bike for a visit to Space #10 at Skyline Resort in San Tan Valley. We would enjoy seeing you any time!!

    1. Hi Gordon, I was down there about 10 days ago, but our schedules didn't match, as I found you out and about.... Perhaps we can email and set a time when a meet up will work.....

  7. Hard to believe it could get cold enough for long enough to actually freeze your MH's pipes but I've been wrong before - lots of times.

    Heading over to the Q sounds like a great idea for you in January. Lots of folks you know will be there.

  8. Hard to believe it freezes in AZ, but I just looked at my desktop widget that tells me it's 27F right here in Sacramento. I have only seen bougainvillea years ago when I was in San Diego and thought it was the most beautiful flower. Your pictures remind me that it is.


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