Sunday, December 8, 2013

Staying Home

Wow, root canals aren't for sissies!!

Retired Rod


  1. You've got me scared to go to the dentist, although I'll never go for another root canal.

  2. Have to remember.....I never want one of those ..... That sounds like real torture .... Hope you get a break soon and some relief ... Hang in there, Rod !!!

  3. You got that right.
    For a few visits prior to my "big event", my dentist had been saying, "We really should do a root canal". I was more of the opinion that it would be best to leave well enough alone, since it wasn't bothering me in the least. You know, that mechanic's thing? "If it works, don't fix it"? Apparently it doesn't apply to what's going on inside your teeth.
    I guess he saw something I didn't feel, but my procrastination (trepidation) came back to bite me in the arse.
    It was a Wednesday just coming up on lunch time when it decided to make its presence known. Man, did that hurt! Funny how those moments are etched into your brain?
    So, having the root canal was mostly a relief from that pain. The dentist prescribed Tylenol 3 and an antibiotic, but it was two days before I could get in to see the dentist who was doing the deed. It was a thousand bucks, and thankfully covered by my plan.
    Here's hoping you feel better soon.

  4. Rod--are you sure something else isn't going on--I've had two root canals in my life and I'm not super woman but I don't remember having any pain, none--maybe a sore jaw but that's it--maybe you should seek a second opinion, I'm worried about you!

  5. What I don't understand is how the dentist determined that you needed a crown, but did not realize that you needed the root canal until AFTER he did the crown. Seems like x-rays would have given an overall picture? I think I would be looking for another dentist.
    I had an interesting experience. Went to the same dentist for several years---cleanings, fillings, crowns, etc. Then I was told that I had a new cavity that would necessitate removing an old crown & getting a new one. We don't have dental coverage. Something about the way he said, "Don't wait, do it soon", bothered me. Well over $1000, and he seemed to think all I had to do was write a check. This man had a brand new truck in the parking lot, and had just bought the building he occupies.

    I let 2 years go by. Then, went to a new, young dentist closer to home. He discovered that I needed a new crown on the other side of my mouth. OK. BUT, look as they would, neither he nor his staff could find any sign of the problem that the first guy wanted to "fix". Needless to say, I won't be going back to the first dentist!

  6. Rod-there have been problems with dentists in DM-with over charging for their services. It was on the news about a year ago-where a gal new to town was looking for a dentist. The first dentist she went to -told her about having like 10 cavities-and it was going to cost her over $2000! She went to another dentist for a second opinion-and they told her that they could only find 4 cavities at the most. They also were only going to charge her something like $300. Come to find out-there are dentists that will find any little thing-to add up the costs. I agree-with the comments above-why did they not know about the root canal before putting the crown on. I am on my 6th root canal-this has never happen before to me. X rays are always the first thing the dentist does.


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