Friday, December 27, 2013

Its a Robot..!

My Christmas gift from the kids this year is  iRobot Roomba...  A robotic vacuum cleaner...  It is the model that handles pet hair and their messes...

My older son Chris had researched this item as he has a male golden retriever.. Sammy, and he is a shed monster. Most of their floors are wood tongue and groove stained a deep reddish brown.. And Sammy's hair is light almost blonde... Needless to say, it shows up quite easily, since he leaves big globs of it where ever he has been.

So I must have been lamenting or complaining about having to run the vacuum over at my house, cause company was coming...  And the next thing I knew, I was opening up this big box...

Both Chris and Ben chipped in on this present as I thought they were crazy spending too much money....  But, Thankyou thankyou..

I set the thing to do the floors on the lower level of the house this afternoon after the company left for Iowa...  and it went about its business..  I fell asleep in the recliner....  I heard it talking to me and alarming, but I was zonked and didn't get up....

Well when I finally did go see what was wrong, it had gone off completely....  And I couldn't find it....  I searched all over the house....   No Roomba...  It has a cliff sensor, so it didn't fall down the stairs....  So where's Roomba?

I kept asking Biscuit where the roomba went, and remember she really isn't overly fond of this device...  She thinks it is chasing her, but if it bumps her it will turn and then bump her again...    Really this is the feature where it is cleaning against the wall...  It returns to the wall over and over again moving only slightly forward each time....  Biscuit thinks its the devil inside....  She barks at it when it bumps her.  It doesn't seem to listen to her..

So as I was asking, where's Roomba, Biscuit promply ran over to the couch and got down on her paws and barked at it underneath...  Yep, there it was...!

Evidently the couch slopes toward the floor allowing the machine to go under the front but then wedging itself as it pushes up against the fabric underside....  I reset the thing and pushed its dock button...

It beeped making a kind of squealing sound and went right for its corner where the charging stand was plugged in...  It climbs up on this stand and makes contact with the electric elements and turns itself off....  The top light turns orange, meaning it is getting its batteries recharged....

And now Biscuit can go back to her nap...  But she still has one eye open looking at that infernal machine...

We had a wonderful Christmas where the center attraction was the standing rib beef roast on the Ronco set it and forget it oven rotisserie..   I wasn't involved in that part of the cooking, but it came out delectable...   We cut off the ribs and sliced it like prime rib...  We had all the regular side dishes as well and several kinds of pie......     And the mess was all over at Chris' house....   Thanks Melissa for putting up with all of us....

This morning we all went over to a breakfast restaurant called Eggtc..  This is the best brunch in our town here, and we had to wait quite a while for a table....  Obviously we haven't been starving here in KC....

Retired Rod


  1. We (the cowboy and I) love our Roomba, Emmi not so much! Ours does get hung up in places too--under the kitchen island mostly.

  2. Cool gift Rod and useful too! Too bad Biscuit doesn't like it but she'll get used to it.

  3. Biscuit is much more patient with that "thing" than our girls would be. But I've often wondered how it would work here. We don't have much dog hair (thank goodness) but the fuzz from their toys drives me crazy. Sounds like you had a nice Christmas with the kids and grands. We plan on heading out on the 6th to Yuma before going to Q.

  4. Good job, Biscuit, you know where that Roomba thing is going all the time. Nice gift, Rod, Your Christmas Dinner sounded great too - I could go for some Prime Rib now that we've had all of this Turkey!

  5. I was thinking of getting one of those roombas, but the price kind of bowled me over. Lucky you!

  6. Wonderful Christmas and Wonderful Host! Lily Belle is missing her cousin-Biscuit terribly! She has slept for about 24 hrs straight-but ready to run circles around the table again with Biscuit! Thank you for letting us stay at the house-and for sharing Christmas with you and the kids! Love you all!


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