Wednesday, December 4, 2013

More stories.....

On Tuesday, I awakened way early in the morning with the same sore mouth and gums that I went to bed with...  So several Tylenol later, I went back to sleep...  It was already daylight by then and Biscuit was awake....  She tried her very best to let me sleep, but eventually she just had to go outside..

So up on the bed, and lick my face was her best alarm...  I kind of sat in a stupor for a while.. Eventually getting going on the daily projects around here...  Clothes in the dryer that were neglected yesterday and the dishes in the sink....  Loyce spoiled me by doing all that stuff..

Rather than sit around and keep thinking about my sore gums, I went out for a walk with the dog...  She always likes to do that, and afterward I took the motorcycle out for the rest of the afternoon...  I went over to Trader Joes.....

Biscuit likes the dog biscuits that they sell...  All of them, but today it was Sweet Potato and Chicken roll ups...  Like pigs in a blanket...  And that was where I did a bad thing....

At the cash register, I dropped the bike keys on the floor next to the credit card machine...  Of course it was only a couple of minutes later in the parking lot when I found that they were missing...  After searching all of my pockets and the bike's compartments... They had to be back in the store somewhere...

I looked on the floor around the dog supplies and in front of the two buck chuck wine, but nothing...  I asked the fellow at the elevated desk to see if they had been turned in, but he was annoyed at me bothering him...  Finally, getting down and looking below the checkout counter where a customer was working the credit card machine, I could see the yellow and green plastic braided lanyard that grandchild Ema had given me to put on the ring...

They had been kicked back under the counter...  Makes me wonder what I would have done if they couldn't have been found....  Its hard to hide a key on a motorcycle......

Retired Rod


  1. Perhaps put a key in your wallet? I'm really bad in that I only have one set of keys to the mobile home and I have locked myself out on two occassions and had to break in because the keys were in the house. If you have a key to the motorcycle at home, at least you could get a cab (or call a friend) and go home and get it? Expensive and time consuming, but doable.

  2. At least it was just the keys. I am always misplacing the whole Car!!!!!

  3. As a retired locksmith, I advise one to carry at least 2 sets of keys on you at all times. I carry 3 sets. Duplicate keys are a lot cheaper than calling a locksmith to get you in or to make a key for a car or motorcycle.

  4. Must have been our day yesterday - I walked off and left my wallet sitting on the desk at the bank. Easier to find than keys under a counter. Good thing Ema had you put that lanyard on so you could spot them. And remember, if you need a ride for whatever reason, call us.

  5. You sure saved yourself a lot of grief and hassle by finding your keys, Rod. Good find.

  6. Lost keys are no fun. My nephew lost his keys almost daily, so my parents put an alarm on the key ring that would sound when he lost them, really saved them a lot of time searching!

  7. I am sure most people think I am a bozo, but my keys are on a neck band and I never close a door without having my hands on the keys. It has saved my rear many times now. I have several neck bands and one is Alaska, one is Tucson and one is Florida car and Cabana.
    I saw my weakness and this has solved at least that problem.

    Glad to hear you found yours, this time.


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