Monday, December 23, 2013

Company's coming..!

Who are these folks called company...... ? Anyway...  What's the big deal....?

Just because of them, my dad rounded me up right after I had been outside in the awful cold weather and took me upstairs....   It was sooooo cold out there that I couldn't do my thing...  I just sat on the snow and shivered...   He let me back inside so I could warm up..... for a while, but then booted me right back outside screaming at me to go potty...

So that's all I heard about when he tossed me into the bath tub up stairs and made me take a long bath....  I tell ya, he used the soap on me twice, claiming I was gravel to the bone...  Company......... why can't they go somewhere else....?

Then it was the hair dryer...  The dreaded hair dryer... He put a chain on my collar and sat on the leash so I couldn't run away...  And while he was blowing my ears and face, he was talking to some of that "Company" on the phone.... Hey let me talk to em, I'll tell em what I think of this company bit......

But that's when I heard my cousin Lilly Belle's name mentioned, that she is coming along too....  We chase each other all around and around...  Maybe this won't be so bad.......

And tonight I am finally dry, and that's good too, because its almost 8 F outside and its to be 2 by morning.........   I wanna go back to the desert!!!  Its warm there......

So  MERRY  CHRISTMAS To Ya and remember, I'll be dealing with these folks called Company........  who ever they are.......!

Biscuit Doggy...


  1. It's going to be OK, Biscuit. You'll get over it.
    These hoomans have to make sure we look and smell good (their version, that is), when company's coming.
    We would rather smell like the muddy pond, but hoomans have weird noses.
    Happy Tails, Misty Doggie.

  2. Not too often something elicits a chuckle out of me but that cutsie patootsie photo of Biscuit sure did. Good one. Great photo............

  3. Hey Biscuit, I know what you mean about cold, it is here too. We had a bunch of snow last week. Because she is so small
    they shovel a small path so Sadie could go potty, but ME they make try to do it with the snow as high as my belly. Think I would have liked that warm bath. Well have fun playing with your cousin, Merry Christmas,
    Riggins Weibel

  4. That 'Company' is going to spoil you rotten Biscuit so don't worry just turn on the charm and you'll do just fine.

    Merry Christmas to you, your Dad and your 'Company'.

  5. Biscuit - you are the cutest pup. But don't tell Scooter and Skittlez that I said that. You look so pretty for your COMPANY. We will be glad when you get back to the desert also.

  6. Biscuit, you area real sweeeeetheart !!!!! Proud of how you and your Dad have carried on after your very special Mom died so suddenly ..... You have been such a good Pal for your Dad and he to you.... Especially since it was said, you were a real Moma's girl !!!!! You can handle the Company since you are all spruced up for Christmas !!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS and SANTA HUGS to Rod and Company, you too, SWEEEEEET BISCUIT !!!!!

  7. Oh, my..such a face, she does not look too understanding of the situation.... Merry, Merry to all!!

  8. Hello, Biscuit! My name is Pasquale. Sounds like you have the same complaint my pal Sheba and I have! We want an INDOOR bathroom! We are members of the family. Share beds and ----sometimes!----food with the people here. How come THEY get to stay in the warm to take care of business? We are much smaller, but we have to go OUTSIDE in the cold! Not fair!
    Maybe your company will play with you. Probably your dad is like ours; he stays busy doing other things and leaves us to entertain ourselves. Have a Merry Christmas....

  9. Just hold on Biscuit I am thinking you will be making a break for the desert pretty quick after the "company" beats it!

  10. Poor, sweet little Biscuit!! Stay warm you guys, it's colder in KC than in Montana!!


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