Monday, January 7, 2013

Black Bear Diner and Quartzsite Possibilities

Another  50 miles on the Honda cycle this afternoon..  It was overcast and then partially sunny during the morning...  We were sleepy heads and didn't get up at first..

I thought about watching the football game, but wasn't really pulling for either team so that never happened...  But as the afternoon was shaping up into the upper 60s the motorcycle won out...

I was over in Chandler and then up into Old downtown Mesa...  Then back out to Apache Junction on University Drive...  Its called that because it comes from Arizona States campus in Tempe... Apache Junction changes its name to Superstition Blvd, because it runs right into the mountain range at the end...  But I never went that far...

I was learning to use the cruise control when I was out in the country..  It feels really weird to have the throttle on automatic speed on a cycle...  That is a first for me..  Touching anything like either brake or the clutch lever cancels it and it doesn't work under 30 mph..  But for going down the highway on long monotonous stretches like the interstate, I can see where it might be a good thing..

Tonight we were right back over in the center of Mesa at the Black Bear Diner...  We met Jim and Sandie there at about dusk for a quick evening dinner..  Being winter, we all opted for a small steak and mashed potatoes..  Mmmmm, comfort food....... They sell a large steak, but I was way glad to have ordered small......  It was huge...

 Sandie took our picture for her blog, so I had to follow suit, but I only had the phone so this isn't too good of quality...  But you can tell from the happy smiles, we were having a great time telling some fast ones......

We were discussing the possibility of joining them later this month out on the BLM land South of Quartzsite when the show is going on...

Most of you know about the RV show over at the town of Quartzsite, and how it attracts thousands of RVers...  We didn't get a chance to go last year, so thought we might make up for it by taking the Motorhome over for a day or three and see what is in the big tent that we can't do without.

I think the camaraderie in the desert will be better than the show....!  But then that is just my opinion......

Retired Rod


  1. One of the things we forgot to order on the car we presently drive is cruise control. I've never been one to use it much, but it's nice for a break once in a while. It seems like an odd thing that a BMW wouldn't come with such an option, but we had to order the car, and that's not something we're exactly used to.
    I can it coming in handy on the bike just to give your hand a rest.

  2. Glad to see you got a nice dinner out with Jim & Sandie, Donna & I like those folks and can't wait to meet them , like meeting you.Don't run out of comp time doing a lot of riding noe kinda save some for later so Loyce won't object to you be off riding all the time. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  3. I don't have cruise control on my bike but have often thought, 'now that would be kinda nice'.

  4. The camaraderie will definitely be much better than what's in the tent (been there).

  5. Thanks so much for such a fun time and great dinner last night. We are sure looking forward to you guys joining us in Q. And you're right - the camaraderie will definitely be better than the tent. But the tent and vendors are fun too.

  6. Going to the Q sounds like a great change of pace from your home in Mesa. No doubt you'd meet a lot of old friends there and make some new ones as well.

  7. butterbean carpenterJanuary 7, 2013 at 4:20 PM

    Howdy Loyce & Rod,
    LOVE THAT GOLDWING; I had one, but when my legs gave out I had to sell it!!
    For you and Al Bossence; CRUISE CONTROLS ARE GREAT, as long as you stay awake!!
    I was going up the Indian Turnpike in OK, just cruisin', the radio blastin', my FEET ON THE FLAIRING and went to sleep @ 70mph!!! I felt brrrrmp, brrrrmp as I crossed the rumble-strips and WOKE UP QUICKLY!! I leaned the bike back toward the roadway, eased my feet down on the pegs, leaned forward and GOT MY HANDS back on the handlebars, FLIPPED THE CRUISE CONTROL OFF AND SLOWED DOWN to a SLOW SPEED, moved over to the wide shoulder under an overpass and nearly passed out!!! I had been awake about 30 hours when I started my run!!! NO NO NO STAY AWAKE!!!!


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