Saturday, January 26, 2013

Raining on the motorcycle ride....

Tonight my blog page is as blank as the day was around here...  Just not much happening other than reading the blogs and looking at the TV...  Not me so much, but Loyce likes the daytime shows...

It was overcast and almost raining all morning long but it stayed warm..  I thought about the motor cycle but it looked like it could rain at a moments notice...

Then in the mid afternoon I remembered that prescription I had over at Target, so surely I could at least go get that....  On the way I stopped by the real estate office to thank our broker for letting me show the models to our friends from Iowa, and it began to sprinkle while I was inside..

So I should have gone home, but of course I didn't...  I rode over to the store in the sprinkles...  It didn't take too long and I had the pills and was on my way back home...  I rode closer to the old part of town as it didn't seem to be raining to the North...

I got back to the house in time to go with Loyce on one of her Jo Ann fabrics runs...  And about then the skies opened up...  We are to have several days of this dreary weather.  And to top it off, it is to get back down into the 50s again for daily highs...

And even into the 30s for lows again.... Ya, right above the freezing mark..  But then it is still late January....  Excitement might be at kind of a low around here though while it rains....  But the pink antifreeze is still in the motorhome so a freeze isn't a bad thing...  The bushes and trees are already dead...!

Retired Rod


  1. Dreary, rainy and cold - that about sums it up here for the next week also. But that means the desert is going to be so beautiful come spring. I can hardly wait.

  2. You summed it up perfectly, Rod - it is January. We get pretty spoiled with the near perfect weather down here most of the time so it's always a letdown when we get some dreary days. It'll change soon for sure.

  3. I am so afraid for those riding motorcycles when it starts to rain. My ex husband had a near fatal accident in the early 1960's - he was close to home and trying to get there before the rain got worse. A car ran through a yellow/red light and got him. Stay safe please.

  4. Our shrubs, trees and palms are all dead, thinking of having it all ripped out and going with just dirt. Easier that way!

  5. butterbean carpenterJanuary 27, 2013 at 4:03 PM

    Howdy Rod,

    Did you get EVERY RAIN SPOT WIPED OFF??? Now, you've passed that milestone you KNOW you can handle it!!! CORNGRATULATIONS!!! You're getting there!!! Don't keep all of the 'water-vapor' out there, let some come on E to 'dryland' farming country... I used to wonder why it was called dryland farming, maybe because they had less rainfall, NO, it was because they had NO RAINFALL!!!
    Hope your 'ridin' ' weather comes back soon!!


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