Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dealing with the Doctor's so I gave up and went for a ride.

I was just reading Butter Bean's comment from yesterday, how he fell asleep with the cruise control on his cycle....  Its a wonder he is here to tell us about it...........

Today was kind of a non event day, as I was on the internet researching medical contraptions for my handicap...  I had tried to get the doctor to order me some, but somehow that failed....  I have called repeatedly but couldn't get thru....

Like usual, I just broke down and ordered the things with my credit card..  Its so much work to get the medicare system to do all the paperwork, its not worth it...

We have had a turn for the colder here today, and it was 2 PM before we had 60 degrees.  I usually wait for 60 to go ride the bike...  But it was waivering from 59 to 60 and then back....  Better go ahead and go as this maybe all we get today...

I was only gone about an hour and a half for about 40 miles, and I came back as it was getting colder as the day progressed...  Sure hope it gets this cold stuff out of its system....  fairly soon...

Tonight I mad a small pizza from scratch with Italian Sausage, but didn't have any mushrooms...  We like mushrooms, but the grandkids claim they hate them....  I'm not sure they have ever tasted them... What does a mushroom taste like?  I'm not sure it has much flavor....

Well anyway Loyce had a can of black olives open, and I chopped up a bunch of them into small pieces and used them in place of the mushrooms....  A little bit more salty, but still it was kind of good and different....  You can't beat fresh pizza from hand made dough....

Oh, and while I was out riding, the Doctor's office called and Loyce straightened out the problems it about 10 minutes...  Of course she is a nurse.....  But then I had to endure the aftermath..... LOL..

Retired Rod


  1. Hey, don't be looking that gift horse "nurse" in the mouth!

  2. hurray for Loyce. Way to go girl!!!

  3. Hi, Rod...

    I am so glad you got the motorcycle. It may not be what the doctor ordered, but what the hay...we the people know a lot about what makes us feel good and feel alive. I understand completely, that none of us know what tommorow will bring. The extent to which we can find ways to live for today, is a good thing. Carry on....Carol

  4. I guess it just takes a person who knows the lingo to deal with these medical folks. Good for Loyce - thst will free you up for more time on that Gold Wing.

    I can't wait until it's time for the first oil change on this beast to see if you are going to do it yourself or take it to a dealer. Either way it's bound to be a great story.

    1. May be a while, as the first service is at 4,000 miles... or one year.. You don't for a minute think I will let them work on it do you????

  5. butterbean carpenterJanuary 8, 2013 at 8:21 PM

    Howdy Rod,
    That wasn't as bad as the curve that kept on curving... Don't ever grab a handful of front brake before the rear one; it'll stand you on your head or flip right on over!! My friend and I were cruisin' and I 'thought' I knew the road, I did know it curved, just not how much; we went into it with gusto and when I leaned it back up THE CURVE KEPT CURVING and we went STRAIGHT FOR A LIGHT POLE; I GRABBED THE FRONT BRAKE AND WE WENT FLIPPIN' & DIPPIN'!!! A face shield is a very smart thing to wear, because that's what hit the ground first.
    Only scratches and skinned places.. Lucky!!!


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