Monday, January 21, 2013

Sunday's Pace....

Today........  Loyce went on some of her quilting shopping trips, and Biscuit went nuts because her mommy just left her...  Came running and jumped into my lap...  Whining and crying....

I was going to go out on the bike, but that would mean leaving Biscuit alone....    She is sooooo, spoiled..  And I hung around for another hour reading more on the internet and messing with the motor cycle...

But I had some shopping that I wanted to do up at Wal Mart... So I just left from the garage while Biscuit was in the house...  And low and behold, I ran right into Loyce at Wal Mart...  That's good because we sometimes will buy the same things... But not today..

After Loyce returned to be with Biscuit, then I went out for a long ride on the bike..  I'm probably beyond claiming I am practicing riding, but still I spent quite a bit of time riding thru the neighborhoods at very slow speeds...

I have over 500 miles now, so its becoming familiar and more automatic to react to the nutty drivers and their antics...  They simply do not see motorcycles....... They look right thru you as though you weren't even there..

And I did stay away from that darned swap meet...  It always seems to cost money to go over there...

The dancing flute playing Kokopelli Indian rug....  And no Rick the room doesn't move and the flute playing doesn't bother the TV programs... But Biscuit seems to be approving of laying in the sun on it...

And for Butterbean, the Wal Mart battery tenders are about $22 and put out about 1.5 amps... They are electronically controlled to sense when the battery is fully charged and do not go beyond that...  So I have never had the water boiled away un necessarily... 

Retired Rod


  1. Your Biscuit sounds like our Cooper he has a fit when I leave him. When I was in the hospital once for surgery, they said all he did was walk around and whine looking for me. Feel kind of sorry for them that you can't explain you will be coming back.

  2. Love the rug and Biscuit sure does seem to approve. Our Skitz is the one who cannot stand to be left alone. She just cries and cries. She's pretty okay if Scooter is with her though. Maybe a friend for Biscuit????

  3. Sometimes pets can be more demanding than kids, although both always want to be in the center of attention and activity.

  4. Beautiful rug. Don't pets just seem to know when they look good on something?

  5. I love the rug. That puppy's pretty cute too!

  6. butterbean carpenterJanuary 21, 2013 at 7:55 PM

    Howdy Rod,
    Thanx, young fella for the info!!! I looked them upon WalMart shopping and they were everywhere from low 20s to 120+; I'm getting at least a couple!!


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