Sunday, January 20, 2013

The last couple of days.....

Friday..........  Turned into a motor cycle day...  It was our first really nice day since the cold snap, because we were down in Tombstone on Thursday, which is at 4500 feet..  It was considerably cooler there...

But anticipating the nice warm up, I was dressed and out the door on the new bike as soon as it was about 55 outside....  I rode around the town some, but eventually ended up going North on Ellsworth up thru the Usery pass...

Once out in the desert, I turned North East and rode to the Saguaro Lake Park on the Bush Highway...  This is kind of a twisty road, and twisties are all new to me on this much heavier ride.

I find myself being kind of wooden in the corners like I am afraid to lean the bike over enough...  I think it is the size and weight of the big ride that has me spooked....  I need more time out on the road.....  So rather than come right back the way I came, I followed the Bush Highway around to Power Road and came into town that way...  That gave me more twisty time...

Then it was out of town on Power to the South where the stinky cattle feeder lots are located...  I had too many clothes on and was getting hot so it was back to the house.

In the late afternoon, I was working on wiring the second set of tail lights in the Honda top case...  Seems that Honda only wires the inside set of tail lights, as some countries don't allow more than two tail lights...  Australia was mentioned in one of the forums.

Of course an industrious aftermarket company had a kit to fix this...  It was only a couple of little jumpers but they had the correct metal clips on one end to slip right into the socket connectors....

It took more time to take the tail lights out of the bike than it did to wire up the second bulbs..  They were there already as they were used for additional brake lights, but now both filaments light..

Additionally there is a lower tail light that has brake light bulbs in it as well and of course they aren't wired either...  But that kit was back ordered, so maybe next week..

On Saturday, we reached 75 degrees and I went out without nearly as many clothes...  And even then I ended up taking the liner out of the riding jacket in the afternoon.  But by then I was over at the flea market swap meet..

I have been looking around for an area rug to go in the TV room den here in the house...  It has a laminate wood floor, but the room echos too loud and needs a throw rug..

Anyway I knew of a rug dealer at the swap meet, and couldn't remember where his booth was......  And of course I guessed wrong and parked at the opposite end of the sale...  I walked a long ways before I figured out that it was in the other end..

And I found just the rug I was looking for..  its a Kokopelli Indian figure rug where the humpbacked Indians are dancing and playing their wooden flutes...  These figures are very popular in Arizona...

I had to go get the car in order to go buy the rug as it is 6 x 8 and was rolled and wrapped...  Tonight I have chairs and phone books stacked on each corner trying to get the curl out of it from being rolled so tight...

I did come home and ask Loyce if she wanted to go look at it, but she knew the indian figures and trusted the colors as I was describing them..  I knew if she hated it she would make me take it back, but perhaps all I could have gotten was store credit.....

Anyway she likes it so that makes things a lot easier...

Retired Rod


  1. We were out at the lake yesterday and sure saw a lot of bikers out there. It was certainly the perfect day to be outside!

  2. So, how do you stop that Kokopelli guy from jumping around on your rug? Doesn't that interfere with your TV watching??

  3. butterbean carpenterJanuary 20, 2013 at 6:56 PM

    Howdy Rod,
    Go ahead and LEAN; IT won't let you fall!!! JUST MAKE SURE THE CURVE DOESN'T KEEP CURVING WHEN YOU SIT BACK UP!!!!! Sounds like you had a nice ride!!
    A Kokopeli rug, that's jiving; THATZ COOOOL!!! Can't have too many tail-lights
    or stoplights; I always wanted one of those flashing brake-light bars!!! FOLKS CAN SEE THEM!!! Give us a pic in your 'full' regalia, sometime!!!!
    Hope today's a RIDING DAY!!!

  4. butterbean carpenterJanuary 20, 2013 at 7:10 PM

    Howdy Rod,
    I was looking back in December and noticed where you said you used cheap WalMart battery-tenders for your vehicles; which ones and do they 'boil' the water out?? Thanx!!!

  5. Glad you found the rug you wanted, and more than that that the boss likes it too.

  6. I think I would love the rug. I need to get one to cut down on the echo with my laminate floors.

  7. More riding and beautiful weather. Perfect! Isn't it great that you found a rug that both of you really like. Love it when things work out like that.


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