Thursday, January 17, 2013


They tricked me....  Asked me if I wanted to go on a car ride......  !  Well sure I want to get out of here... but... they didn't tell me that I would be going to the dog shop to get washed and all my hair cut off.....!

I had to stay there almost all day....!  They shaved me and then I had a bath.......  They put me in a harness and I had to stand there and get dried with a scary hair blower drier thingy.....

Then they put the most awful stinky powder on me and some fruity bows on my ears.... And I had to sit there in a cage waiting for my mom.......

When I got home, I ran and ran rubbing my ears on the carpet...   Gotta get those bows out!!  Dad tried to take my picture but I wouldn't let him.. He finally snuck up on me and took some pics with his phone....  But they aren't very good  because I don't sit still ...

I'm too clean and smell awful  but I'll lick it all off in a day or so....  Why do humans want me to smell so bad?      But maybe they'll let me sleep in their bed tonight!! Do you suppose..?

Biscuit for
Retired Rod


  1. Just had to laugh. Our Timmy hates the doggy parlour. He cries all the way through the the clipping process. When we left the groomer made us feel like dog abusers, because, apparently it our fault that Timmy is like this. But he does look so cute when he is done. Thanks for the post.

  2. Ah Biscuit sometimes you have to put up with what your humans want. They want you to be neat and clean and smell purty!

  3. What I think your humans need to explain to you is why when it's so cold outside they want to cut off all your fur. You are such a cutie pie.

  4. Biscuit, you hate getting your hair done, but us women just love it. Makes us relax.
    Maybe we should run around like you after we get our hair done, we need the exercise :)
    You look very pretty by the way.


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