Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Chicken........ Me...?

Winter woolly mittens..........?  Not so much....  I chickened out this morning and took the truck...  But I was among the few that did so.. The place was packed with riders that had braved the elements....  Which were 43 degrees and overcast at the time I left about 10:30..

And like these events go, most of the riders must have been there a the time they opened, because by 11 they were all done eating....  I grabbed a quick cheese burger and some tater tots to be different... Since they were on the menu...  They were good with catsup...  or is that ketchup...??  LOL

Some of the fellows went on to one of the members garage that collects Dodge cars..  I didn't go along, but from the looks of the pictures that was a mistake...    Romeo web site and Jerry's cars......

I'm not sure what else happened today, as I was waiting for an oil change to be performed at our local Wal Mart...  I wandered the store but didn't buy anything...

I have been looking for a different laptop to replace this three years plus old model I am typing on...  I have the linux box here that I built some years ago, but the laptop takes the lions share of our work..  It goes to the lake and to Arizona...

I did buy a tablet, and its nice, but not a serious enough machine to do ones work on...  But then windows 8 is out, and it is mostly made to be used on a touch screen....  I'm lost as to what the next platform should be...

Anyway I was messing around with the various computers that Wal Mart sells...  It's mostly low end stuff, and though some of the models had W8 on them, they weren't capable of touch screen..

If you put the words Ultra Book on the offering, it becomes rather expensive quite quickly....   But then these Hewlett Packard machines that I have been buying seem to break rather easily too, and that would mean I haven't spent enough money on them...  The old adage that you get what you pay for.....

But where is the middle?  Sony Vaio looks nice until you see the price tag...........!

I see we don't know much more about the Boston terrorism tonight than we did last night...  But the news seems to be in a 24/7 coverage frame of mind....  I changed the channel... Surely something else happened in the world today..

Retired Rod


  1. If you are looking for a computer, try or We have a MicroCenter store here in St. Louis. My wife calls it my home away from home. They have both windows machines and Apple products and about anything you need to go with them.

    Please be careful on the road.

    1. Ya we have one of those over here in KC too.... Well its in old Overland Park closer to the money section of town...

  2. Better to be a live chicken sometimes than roadkill, Rod, good call on taking your truck!

    Good laptops like Sony, Asus and Lenovo are expensive for sure. I've never been a big fan of HP computers either. I guess that's why I've pretty much stuck with Dell as we've had good luck with Dell and get a lot of bang for the buck.

    As for Windows 8, the touch screen part of it didn't really appeal to me as I find I'm still using the 'Classic' Windows 7 format 95% of the time and it's all designed for keyboard and mouse. I don't really see the advantage of the touch screen for laptops yet.

    What I do like about Windows 8 is the under the hood stuff. I think it's very fast, secure and stable all of which is good.

  3. I just about forgot - it's Ketchup!!


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