Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tulips in the Sun

Hey its morning and the sun is out….  Grab that camera and lets go get a picture of the tulips….

These are on the corner of the next housing development to our North…  We can’t afford such nice flowers, only boring old bushes here…


This year the bulbs are yellow white and orange…  I think this bed gets reset to different flowers several times in the course of a year, so the bulbs must be dug up and tossed….

This is about the same picture as the header… but the header was taken in the afternoon..


I did increase the contrast some here with Picasa as the green part was under exposed compared to the flowers… I did not mess with the colors in any way however…


The other end of this first bed….



Up the street at the next corner is the entrance to the sub division… These are different  beds completely..


This guy kept jabbering at me that I was messing in his flowers and bushes…  I wonder if he had started a nest somewhere and I was too darned close….



I thought I had better get these for this year as it is supposed to be a few degrees below freezing again tonight…  Wouldn’t want to miss them and have them be frozen off one of these nights….

Our heat is grinding away as I write this.. It’s a heat pump, and it runs for long periods of time as the air that comes out is only marginally warmer than the room…

To change the subject, I have needed to purchase a new computer since before Christmas, because the socket where you plug the power cord in on the older HP is broken inside electrically..  When you wiggle the cord unnecessarily the whole machine dies…  My battery has been kaput for several years, so loss of power for only a second causes a complete shutdown and then reboot..  This is happening almost constantly now, as I have nursed the computer along most of the winter…

This is the second HP that I have had, and both of them have failed in this exact same way..  Each one lasts about three years…  and gone…  Remember I had to put a hard drive in it last summer… And the older one had its drive replaced as well….  Like batches of cookies… Burn them and they all taste alike..

So I ordered a new Dell…  Largely because Rick up in Vancouver Island has had much better luck with his laptop which has outlasted both of these HPs…

The machine arrived today, so I have spent a large amount of time copying stuff from one machine to the other….  I  started to do it thru the network connection, but I was having to make the files public and then back to private……….. Which was a pain..  But then I remembered that thumb drive I bought for the update of the Ford car…

It was cleared off and 16 Gb of stuff was copied and reinstalled…  Still that even took time because I had to clear it several times, to get the next 16 Gb.  I think I have way too many pictures and stuff on the hard drive….  But writing these blogs you never know what you will go looking for…  I bought a portable hard drive last summer, but I didn’t go looking for it…  You know, its around here somewhere.

And the keyboard is just slightly different on this new machine…. so I make typos…  But it will all come around in time…


Retired Rod


  1. When that happened to the HP I had, I bought a Mac. I've never looked back!

  2. Beautiful tulip pictures. My Mom always had lots of tulips around our house. Have fun with the new computer. One of these days, Jim and I are both going to have to break down and get new ones.


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