Sunday, April 7, 2013

Washing up for Rain!

The weather forecast is for rain and storms...  So I had to get everything washed up for them......  That doesn't make much sense now does it... ?   But that is exactly what I did...  But most of these vehicles won't be moving during the rain, so they will stay relatively clean even when wet...

I spent the most time today going after and cleaning up the utility trailer....  I had to hand wash it as well as power wash it..  The trip thru the ice behind the big motorhome... ground in the sandy grime beyond normal washing...

Some folks carry their motorcycles on lifts on the back of their motorhomes... but I have always wondered if there would be any way to get the bikes clean again if the weather went really bad and covered them with road grime..  That is why I have always used an enclosed trailer..

I also power washed the Burgman scooter...  It was driven in the late fall or early winter around here and was nasty as well....  Not a very exciting day....

Our neighbors were out doing all of that yard work making their lots look really good...  Mowing and raking and all the like...   Of course our place needs all of this work, so it may be a while before I can spend time enjoying myself on the goldwing...... I knew coming back here would mean a lot of work and no play.....!

Retired Rod


  1. No play!!!! NO!!! But those are the joys of home ownership, I guess. Don't let that bike sit too long though. It will be sad.

  2. Make sure to mix in a little play with all that work now!

  3. After reading your blog for the past few days, I'm thinking I should stay here in California just a bit longer. All the work you are doing at home now is awaiting me when I get home. It's going to be a very busy April and May I can tell.


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