Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Starting Taxes

I am neck deep in papers and forms, trying to understand and complete this years tax return....  So far I have only installed the software on the computer and opened all the mail...

But then I realized that a bunch of computing was going to be needed to determine a basis value for a stock that was inherited 20 years ago..  So I had to dig out 20 years of tax returns and review and recap each year's change in value......   A Big Pain!

So that was my day...  Only left for that small burger late in the afternoon, but it was overcast and almost raining anyway....

Tomorrow is another day, but perhaps I will go on the Romeo ride instead of taxes....  But it is supposed to rain like crazy and I am not.... crazy........ LOL

Retired Rod


  1. I always hated dealing with stock sales. Nobody ever knows what their basis is. Raining here and has been all night.

  2. Ahh go for the ride! As for not being crazy that is only one mans opinion! LOL With you for inspiration I went out and got my copy of Turbo Tax but we have till the end of the month to file so no need to panic just yet.


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