Friday, July 19, 2013

RV/MH Museum Elkhart, Indiana

Loyce was Quilt Store shopping so I went to look at RV’s….  But they might be a little too old for a replacement of our current rig….


Back when I was a lad, we had one of these Shasta’s….  Ours was two feet longer than this yellow one, so it was the deluxe model……  My dad kept calling it the She  Hasta…  As in my mom still had to cook and clean….


And just for Al a late 60s Winne the Bago….

P1000342P1000343P1000344Does your dash look like this Al?  I don’t think there are any touch screen buttons on that radio!!!!   LOL


Retired Rod


  1. Isn't that just a fun place. Great pictures. There's a really great Cord/Dusenberg museum down in Auburn. I even really really enjoyed it and most car museums or meets don't thrill me a whole lot any more.

  2. Great photographs Rod--thanks for the tour.

  3. RV's have come a long way over the years. Sure glad you hauled your camera out of storage and snapped these pics!

  4. I just love that in South Bend so love that area and plan to be there in Sept - fav campground? I thought we heard they glad NOT! Closed on house...Sunday we can pull out of Central IL...sorry we missed you coming through. Headed to Mark Twain COE, Des Moines then SD for driver's license. FINALLY we are officially on the road...hints for Hannibal while we are there, best COE site, etc.?

  5. We stayed at the MT Cave CG South of downtown... Just for an overnighter.. I think it was $32 FHU.. COE much cheaper.....

  6. Thanks for showing us another place to visit. Happy travels.


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