Sunday, September 15, 2013

Back in KC

I don't know what to write, but I thought I should check in so you will know that I am still here...

We traveled to Des Moines on Thursday but not without my Ford car registering a low tire light right out on the interstate North of KC...  But because of the Romeo Rides, I knew immediately where the next small town was and we went for air...   My son Chris was behind me and followed so I wouldn't get lost...

On Friday we had the service with more attendance than I thought would be there..  Our support group is still very much so in Iowa...

After the service we had an appreciation party to celebrate her life, and had 60 people at the Hilton Garden Inn...   We rented the banquet room which was divided for our size of group...  The party went into the evening when we were finally asked to leave the room..

It then moved to the pool while the kids swam...

I came back here to KC on Saturday to a very empty home...  Biscuit has been at the Veterinarian's office where they have a doggy boot camp for boarded puppies...  It was closed by the time I arrived back in town on Saturday, so it will be Monday before I can go get her...

 I'm not certain what I am going to do in the next few months as it becomes winter...  Will I be able to go to Arizona without any friends to associate with..?


Retired Rod


  1. Thanks for letting us know that you are doing all right. And please know that you have lots of friends---don't know about the "to associate with" part, but we will be here for you, doing what we can to help you get through..............Take care.....

  2. This would be a good time Rod to tell us what we need to do to be prepared if this would ever happen to any one of us. Blog about what you can't find in the house or what you cannot do without talking to Loyce. You could be doing us all a big favor by leading the way into this dark world as a widow or widower. I cannot imagine how difficult it is. But, I know we will all have the 'opportunity'. It will help you also to tell us your struggles. You are in a routine to blog so please keep that up.

  3. You are welcome to associate with us down at Dogpound South all you want too. We will be heading that direction a little earlier this year than others and are looking forward to seeing you. I am thinking that Honda will help you through the sad times and we will expect to see it rolling in our gate.

  4. Glad you made it, Rod.... And it was very thoughtful of you to drop a note with an update on how you're doing ...... It is so difficult to adjust and deal with all the changes ...... It may sound like this has been said over and over again in soooooo many instances but it is very true ...... " one day at a time " is such good advice and add to that some rest, relaxation and patience ....... all around slowly but surely ......
    You are lucky you have your hobbies to fall back on and continue to enjoy ..... That's all good .... And your family will be close when you need them ..... Must make you feel great that the Service and Celebration for Loyce was so well attended and supportive ...... It is also a credit to you the way the RV Bloggers expressed their support and sincere outpouring of messages .....
    Take good care, Rod and a nice pat for Biscuit ...... All the best, SallyB

  5. Just catching up on your blog.. goodness... so very sorry for your loss....

  6. Rod, Thanks so much for the update and we're so glad that you made it back home safe & sound. Wish we were back in Kansas so we could be close to you. Keep us posted on what you decide to do for the winter. Please know that you are in our thoughts & prayers and if you need anything or just want to talk, we will be glad to listen....Hugs to you.

  7. Hey Rod, I've been thinking of you. I know a little bit of what you're going through, having been there with my mom as she went through these hard days. Please remember, you're not alone. You do have a lot of friends out here. :)

  8. I was wondering how you were doing this weekend.
    I guess the challenge is to try and keep on doing the things you like to do... but I don't even want to pretend that I have a clue when it comes to losing a spouse.

    One of my buddies lost his wife a couple years ago to liver failure, and he does seem to try and get on with life. You know, football pools, going to the pub etc. He and another buddy have a "book club". (just the two of them, kinda funny)
    Just the same, I've never wanted to ask him just how the heck he manages from day to day. I'm sure he has his trying moments, as any of us would.
    Do take some solace in the notion that there are a host of folks "out there" to socialize with, whether that's in person or by way of internet. Or as one of my sisters-in-law says, "on the line".

  9. I've thought of you often in the last few days Rod--I am sure it will take all kinds of time for you to adjust without Loyce--when we lose a spouse suddenly with no time to prepare it seems to be even harder to adjust. We are thinking of you!!

  10. You were in my thoughts , while you were in Iowa, I am sure Loyces' Memorial was well attended and nice. You will have your son and the motorcycle so while you still have some warmer temps you can get out for some rides, I think getting away to Arizona, will help you have a bike down there with.Keepbusy for now with family. Hope to meet up with you one of these days. Sam & Donna.....

  11. Glad you made the solemn journey safely. You are now going to start a roller coaster ride of emotions. Since both Kathy and I have gone through this we understand the process. It could take between a year or two before you can start thinking completely rationally.

    At this time the only advice that I'll write is for you not to do anything major in your life on a whim (Example: Selling a home). People will try to talk you into ventures that you will be at the losing end. Don't do it! The same goes for relationships go slow and easy because not everyone is being honest with you. Finally don't be afraid to cry just because your a man and aren't supposed to show emotions. That's Bunk!

    Time does not heal all the pain but just makes it more bearable and will help you think more clearly. As others have expressed Families and Friends will help you to recover but not forget. Think of all the fond memories you had together and they will help you through this tough period of adjustment. Finally you will feel like you can return to the land of the living.

    It's about time.

  12. Rod - I am so glad you checked in with us. Been thinking of you often. We would love to see you in AZ but understand why you may not want to do that this year. Just be sure to let us know and give yourself a chance to grieve. It takes time and be patient with yourself.

  13. Howdy Rod,
    I finally got to where I can talk on the blog and want you to know that the invitation is always open for you to come to the ranch and stay as long as you want... If you do go to Arizona and take care of that place, it would be a nice 'run' down to JB & Brenda's Dogpound South; maybe he'll let you ride the xtra hoss and be one of the 'posse' !!! Then you can let him ride your 'iron-hoss' !!! When I had no hoss, my motorcycle was a really great substitute...
    As the wise Cajun said, take your time and wait until you can THINK STRAIGHT before you make any GREAT CHANGES, I've told you how long it's taken me and I'm still not completely over my grieving !!!! You have MANY FRIENDS, just reach out to us !!! We're still praying for you, friend, and hope soon you'll be able to have a HAPPY DAY !!!

  14. Rod, it must have been a very difficult weekend for you and your family. I'm glad you left this update as we've been thinking about you a lot. Words fail me right now but I just wanted you to know you can write or call anytime if you feel like you just want someone to talk to.

  15. Glad to see an update from you..and so relieved that you made it back home safe and sound...we have been thinking of you...its not easy when you lose someone so close to you so very fast...when the time is right you will know what you want to do...

  16. Any winter in Arizona won't be a winter without friends....there are too many good RVing folks there!

    I highly suggest you join the SOLOs BOF with the Escapees (assuming you are a member). HUGE help in so many ways.

    Sending hugs...

  17. my friend's husband also passed away suddenly while watching the world series last year,he was only 50. Think about Arizona, maybe someplace you never been. She has found unassociated places are best for many bloggers go to arizona I'm sure you would someone you can associate others have said make no rash decisions.
    Everyone is here for you and wish you the best


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