Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Gallatin with the Romeo's

We had a good day riding up to Gallatin, Mo on Tuesday...  Its about 95 miles up there.. which is almost to the Iowa border..  The town is East of I 35 about 7 miles or so..

Romeo web site  is where all the pictures are loaded..  Some of the folks went on to Jamesport, which is an Amish community about ten miles to the East of Gallatin...  Go look at Don's tenderloin.....!

We decided to go back to the South on Highway 13 and then West over thru some of the other communities we have eaten in this summer...  Just for a nice ride going back home....  Places like Polo, Lathrup, and Plattsburg...  These were on a Missouri country road numbered 116...  Eventually we were back to Highway 169 which is North to South, and goes down thru the center of KC...

But as we rounded the corner, I thought to myself that is seemed much cooler than it was a few minutes ago...  I pushed the info button and the bike reported 68 degrees...  It was just 78 over in Gallatin...

Scanning the Western Horizon showed a line of thunderstorms with ragged cloudy bottoms....  Rain and wind...

We had planned to stop at a Mc Donalds in Smithville for our coffee, but those plans were scrapped instantly...   It appeared to be much lighter on the Southern horizon...

Riding down thru the center of town on the freeways, we managed to stay ahead of the storm cell, until...  We crossed the Missouri River and it became dark and as we crossed the Kansas River the rains pelted us...  I closed up the front of my helmet and ducked down behind the windshield..

Interstate 635 ends and dumps you out onto a city street of Metcalf.. in Overland Park, where we found another McDonalds.   As we parked the bikes and looked back North, it was a solid wall of dark blue black clouds..  Ya we just rode thru that.....

The storm tracked on East and never did much more than sprinkle on our McDonalds refuge, but there for a while I thought we might have to wring out our underwear....

Retired Rod


  1. The joys of riding a bike! Sounds like you had a good time anyway.

  2. Howdy Rod,
    Glad you had a HAPPY DAY riding even though y'all caught a shower... Watching the changing weather is a way of having a fun ride versus a bad one... How's Biscuit doing; is she your lap dog, now?? Sure glad she's not a Great Dane !!!

    Hope the rains blow through and you get in some more good riding days !!!

  3. got caught in a storm in florida one windshield, no faring, not a dry spot on me and those
    raindrops feel like bullets on your skin. Stopped at a restaurant and went into ladies room and was using
    the hand dryer to dry off a little.....some little old lady ask, are you wet honey? there was a huge puddle at my feet
    glad your whole ride wasnt rain, not much fun on a bike

  4. I've had to pour rain out of my boots more than one time in the last 30 years.
    If you ride you are gonna get wet now and then. LOL

  5. Even though you got pretty wet, the main thing is you made it home safely. Riding a bike in the rain can make a rider more 'invisible' to drivers than normal.


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