Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Officially Fall

We are back in KC tonight and wondering about the end of the summer season...  It always seems like the end of summer has arrived with the end of Labor Day weekend.....

Our kids have been back in school for the last two weeks so its not like school will be starting tomorrow, but our sub division officially closed the swimming pool this afternoon...  All of the fall sports have now started and we are looking at Fall!

Not much will change here for us, as we will march right on with our daily routines, but tonight we still have the youngest grandkid here with us...  Her school will start later this week...

Tomorrow will bring another Romeo Ride which will be nothing new, and its still hotter than the dickens....   But we are forecast to be in the mid 80s tomorrow rather than the mid 90s...  That's some kind of a break..

I changed the header picture to the four older kids jumping into the lake all at once, as I think the Mackinac Bridge is now just a summer memory ...  Besides I think everyone has seen that ....

Has fall started at your house?

Retired Rod


  1. Love the header picture! Yes, it is feeling like fall to me. Some kids in the area are starting school this Wed. My niece and nephews are starting next Monday, but Harry and I are taking the oldest to his new school orientation tomorrow afternoon. :)

  2. Great Header Picture. The leaves on our trees are starting to turn. I guess that's why I love Oregon. We get all four seasons.

  3. As I said last night that is one great header pic - one to frame and put on the wall somewhere in your lake house.

    I don't think it will really feel like Fall here on Vancouver Island until early October. For the past several years now, September has been one of our warmer months and so far it looks to be the same this year. School's back in tomorrow so that's a sign for sure.

  4. Although it is pretty good right now we have already had a little visit or two from Jack Frost.


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