Saturday, September 28, 2013

Catching up..

Not sure what I have been doing all week, but I have been keeping busy...   Mostly notifying folks of Loyce's passing..  That's dreary duty as you have to explain over and over..

Took all day to get a hold of the social security commission to shut off those payments..  I waited on the line for over an hour and finally put my name in for a call back..  That took over two hours longer.  And then I found out they already knew...  Seems the funeral homes are in cahoots with the government.......

On Thursday Biscuit and I drove to Lake Ozark with the car and trailer..  We loaded up the black 650 Suzuki Burgman Scooter and brought it back to KC..  It was about 7 hours of driving for the round trip..

Then on Friday I took it to a shop over in Missouri to get its oil changed and a new back tire..  I could do the oil change here but the tire requires the wheel to be removed..  That requires a lift to hold up the bike once the wheel is off the ground...  Due to safety and bigger tool requirements, that one is for the professionals..

If I end up taking one of the bikes to Arizona, then I will need the other one here in KC..   Assuming we have winter days that will be nice enough to ride..   I don't do snow or ice....

Yesterday was spent calling the cell phone company and cancelling the contracted phone and ipad service..  Verizon let me out of the contract on her iphone, which I thought was rather nice..

And today was the Iowa Hawkeye game at our oldest son Chris' house...  We played Minnesota which hadn't lost yet this year..  They were sure that Iowa wouldn't be any trouble..  But we got ahead in the beginning and stayed that way thru out the game..   But I won't crow any because the Big Ten has a lot of tougher teams on our schedule in the upcoming weeks..

It did feel good to have the kids win the game, as we got to keep Floyd of Rosedale..  A bronze pig that is the travelling trophy..  He was here last year, and will stay again for 2014, until we meet again..

Being completely alone has been tough for Biscuit and I, but we have to adjust, as the alternative isn't acceptable...

Retired Rod


  1. Keeping busy is probably for the best, even though the chores you have to do might seem to be somewhat onerous. Hopefully Biscuit has warmed up to the idea that there's just you there, if not she'll come around I would think.

  2. It's nice that you have family close by to spend some time with. And keeping busy is important I think. Have you decided when or if you are going to Arizona this winter.

  3. It's nice that you have family close by to spend some time with. And keeping busy is important I think. Have you decided when or if you are going to Arizona this winter.

  4. I think that's why they invented all the stuff you have to do after someone passes, keeps the person remaining busy!

  5. Wise move on taking the Bergman to the pros, Rod, for that heavy maintenance work. It was nice to hear you say you are still planning on heading to Arizona this winter. We think about you often and admire your courage and steadfastness in continuing to move ahead a little at a time. Like you just said "the alternative isn't acceptable..."

  6. Howdy Rod,
    Better watch that braggin'... Every team starts out even at the start of the game, you know...
    I'd forgotten about THOSE THINGS; man, it is hard, but it's got to be done.. Same thing with SS; they knew and still have you hang on...GRRRR Glad you had good luck with Verizon; LUCKY!!
    We're still here, friend, just holler !!!!
    Give Biscuit a hug, please....
    May the cloudy skies stay away from K.C./O.P. and have a very HAPPY DAY, good buddy...


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