Monday, September 23, 2013

More Road Trips...

The day was gorgeous as the sun was out and it was 73 when I left the lake at 11 AM...  I rode directly back to the KC home without stopping, except for gas in Windsor, Missouri..

But that much exposure at 70 mph is hard on me as I fell directly to sleep in the big recliner once I arrived home...  Just sat down to enjoy a can of pop and read a little on the internet...  Ya right...... ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz

My riding friend Al called in the middle of the afternoon, and we hatched a plan to go after the CRV that was done at the auto body shop...  We ran several other errands on the way as well...  Stopping by Sam's Club for fruit for his guests, and then on to a Hy Vee supper at the local deli inside that grocery store...

So tonight I am killed from too much activity, but I need to get rest, because tomorrow is another big Motorcycle ride with the Romeo's..  They are heading out to Gallatin, Mo about 85 miles North of here up by Iowa....

More riding, when I was already tired from this weekends trip...  Oh well, it should be fun...

Retired Rod


  1. There you go, Rod, a real road warrior !!!! Good to enjoy the road while the weather is nice .....
    Tomorrow should be fun !!!! How is Biscuit doing ?

  2. All that bike riding - how's your rear? But Sally is right - enjoy that great weather while you can. Have fun tomorrow.

  3. We usecd to ride, Sam had a harley I had a Triumph..not real good for long distances unless
    you had a very strong backbone, so anyting long distances I was a passenger. Funny how you walk bowlegged
    like a cowboy after that :-)

  4. Keeping your mind occupied is the Key!!!! Looking forward to some pictures of your ride. You are always in our thoughts and prayers Rod.

    Take Care
    JB and Brenda

  5. It's so good to see that you're getting out and about and getting tired out so you can get some sleep. Keep it up!

  6. I really admire your courage, Rod, in getting out and about even though I know it must be difficult. I always enjoy the pics of your Romeo's lunch.

  7. Howdy Honda Cowboy,
    Sounds like really good ridin' weather to me !!! YAHOOOOOO !!! Did you get the cabin winterized for spring or are y'all going to go back before you head to the fal round-up, down Arizony way...Glad to see the boys' are takin' care of you and haulin' you around the country.. That's what friends are for...

    Hope the sun keeps on shin', so, the wheels can keep on aturnin' & you'll have a bunch of Happy Days, ol' good buddy, friend.............


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